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Pain Dissolves to Rejoin the Flow of Love
I can never understate the importance of healing on the spiritual path. For just about everyone, there will be some level of healing that will happen for you. Healing isn't a matter of solving problems or fixing that which is broken. It's a matter of dissolving separation and coming into internal union and harmony. Sometimes that means you will suddenly be confronted by a flood of pain that you've tried to keep walled off in your subconscious, but regardless of the intensity, you can move through it. And the space that you clear will create more room for you to connect with all of you and to simply be.

Here are a number of blogs about this topic. Enjoy!

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Reclaiming Your Power: Victim Identities and Abdication of Your Personal Power

Reclaiming Your Power: Tips and Techniques on the Spiritual Path

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6 Tips to Healing Bad Eating Habits

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Healing Substance Abuse Issues: Clearing Your Body's Energy

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