Spiritual Teacher Mentorship Program

Part of my role as a spiritual teacher is to teach other spiritual teachers how to offer a teaching grounded in spiritual freedom.

I want to say upfront that this program is not for most people. I am only interested in helping people who are or are on the path to being spiritual freedom teachers. That is a hard road. It is not one to be taken lightly or purely for the betterment of oneself, e.g. trying to make yourself feel better by helping other people. Being a spiritual freedom teacher is a profound service to humanity.

I am interested in helping people become clear conduits of light and oneness. This means that you'll be the right kind of mentee if you thrive in intensity and are interested in doing really rigorous inner work beyond what you have already done.

My methods vary by person, as always. I am not imposing or offering a specific methodology. I'm helping to carve away deeper egoic and primal structures inside you that are attached to your illusion of separation.

Spiritual Teacher Mentorship Program Details

People Who May Want to Consider This Mentorship Program: 
  • Aspiring or current spiritual freedom teachers
Many teachers and healers have cobbled together their spiritual practices from multiple sources, or they've relied very heavily on one lineage or tradition. For those who are ready to fill in the gaps and expand beyond what they current know, this mentorship program is an opportunity to do so.

Those of you who are aspiring to teach and/or heal have the opportunity to learn from a spiritual teacher who teaches on the heart, mind, body, and energy levels.

Being qualified for this program means that you have already done a lot of inner work and that you are a current, active student of mine. Knowing who you are is more than conceptual understanding, but it doesn't mean having resolved every issue you have. Some key qualifications include:
  • Having a regular practice and established way to maintain your self-care
  • Having an understanding of most of your core issues as well as resolution of some of them (core issues include scarcity fears, lack of self-worth, fear of the unknown, fear of death, etc.)
  • Having healed any deep pain or trauma (You are not ready to be a healer or teacher if you are still carrying trauma inside.)
  • Having worked with me as a student for at least 3 years
  • Having a support network around you that actively supports your desire to be a spiritual freedom teacher
  • Ability to be open-hearted while hearing difficult things about others or about you

If you are not a student of mine, please check out the sessions section to learn how to become one:

Central Oregon. This is in-person work. You will have to be local or willing to relocate for an extended period of time.

  • Weekly one-on-one spiritual sessions
  • Weekly meetings going through topics in the curriculum
  • Auditing of other student sessions where a student approves of having a third-party witnessing
  • Homework and research of other modalities that you want to use to gain proficiency
  • Extended sessions for in-depth examination of remaining core issues
  • Deliberate triggering of issues (If you can't handle criticism, you may have extended work with me where I or another is criticizing you relentlessly. It sounds intense, and it is. But your students/clients can bring all kinds of stuff out of you if you are not prepared.)

Time Frame:
The mentorship program lasts in the years to properly prepare someone.

I take this work very seriously because there are so many wounded healers and incomplete teachers trying to fix others or teach others when they do not fully understand themselves and what spirituality is all about. This leads to excessive confusion for spiritual students and clients that serves no good purpose. The multi-year commitment shows your willingness to truly know yourself and to appreciate the depth and power of the work you'll share with dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of students.

Number of Mentees:
1 mentee at any given time

Here are some of the top-level topics that would be covered:
  • Orientation/Introduction
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Going Deeper in Your Own Spiritual Discovery
  • Evolving Spiritual Self-Care
  • Teaching
  • Healing
  • Privacy and your boundaries
  • Business

To give you a glimpse of some of the in-depth topics that could be covered, here's some of what may be under the "Teaching" section:
  • Helping Students Find Their Own Wisdom
  • When to Let a Student Go
  • How to Be With a Student's Pain
  • Perceiving the Deceptive Student with Ulterior Motives
  • Being Loved and Being Hated by Students: Being With Both and Understanding the Truth
  • The Importance of Your Self-Care and Maintaining a Disciplined Spiritual Practice
  • When to Push a Student
  • How to Set Up the Right Business for You
  • How to work (or not work) on a "bad" day
  • How to Ask for Money and Be in Integrity With Reciprocity

Suggested Donation:
This will be determined in discussions between myself and the mentee. It will most likely be done on a monthly basis given the long-term commitment of the process.

Please click on the following link and fill out the form if you are a CURRENT student or want to become one and are interested in working with me as a mentor.


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