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I often write about healing, and for me spiritual healing and spiritual teaching are almost synonymous. From the space of oneness comes the greatest teaching and the greatest healing possible. Union--that space of oneness--dissolves all separateness and disease. Hence, stepping into the healing space with me is a dissolving of separateness within you. To some degree, it is the dissolving of separateness between us as well, since we are one. In an interesting way because I am whole and resonating from a healthy vibration, your own vibration naturally wants to resonate with that same vibration. You don't go to my exact pitch and frequency, but in seeing someone being as they are, your own spirit naturally is inspired to be as it normally would be without the pain that it is carrying. Hence, healing within you arises. It is this step of igniting the inner healer that is perhaps the most forgotten part of healing, and it is why I start with that to explain what I "do," which isn't exactly a doing.

Igniting the Inner Healer

Within us is a natural arising towards a healthy, balanced energy flow. While there are some people who may have chosen different life paths (i.e. they are here specifically to never be in balance), this is where I believe most people want to be and will naturally go if allowed. They want to feel open, expansive, loving, and at ease within their own space. Because a lot of pain and trauma has gone on in the world, many people never feel this. Consequently, they have no idea what it is to even feel healthy in their own bodies. This tends to bring about numerous unhealthy habits to try and make themselves feel better. This is not bad per se; this is simply what happens, and it tends to perpetuate a whole lot of suffering.

In coming to me as a healer, I work with you to re-discover just how vast and amazing your own inner healing abilities naturally are. Once again (as I talk about ad nauseam on this blog), this won't be comfortable at times, and it probably won't be uncomfortable in ways that you are used to. Healing takes us to that place of openness and vulnerability. That is where the free flow is, so part of the healing I do here is helping people to accept this vulnerable space and begin to find their empowerment in it. This is the start of the truest healing that arises from within.

Healing and Teaching: The Same Thing for Me

It is not always the case that healing and teaching are the same. There are healers and teachers of all kinds. However, the deeper you go, the more the two become the same. As I mentioned earlier, I work in the space of oneness, and in that divine light, we find Truth, Love, Beauty, Healing, Union, and everything we could ever need in that space that simply IS. It is not because I'm particularly special that I can help people do this; it is because I've embraced my I Am presence. You can do the same. In fact, that's what healing and teaching do at the highest level. They don't try to fix or teach you anything. They simply help you to re-discover the truth that you are divine, that you are consciousness itself. In reconnecting to that truth, healing naturally arises just as truth naturally arises, and you melt into that divine flow that is free of suffering.

That oneness and space of pure consciousness is where I help you to go. I am not fixing you. I am not really even teaching you (although I have helpful things to say from time to time to point you towards where you may need to go). But in being in my I Am consciousness, you can start to find the healing or sacred knowledge that you need because it naturally starts to bubble up from within you.

The Practice of Love

Love is consciousness. Love is everywhere. If you are new to me, then you may want to read this blog called, "What Is Love?" That will help you to understand what I am speaking of. In a session where healing is the focus, I am pointing you back towards that love. What is happening there? We most likely are talking about all the walls and barriers you have to love. One common misconception is that love comes from without. While I hold a space of love for every student who comes to me, that love is infinitely smaller than the love you have access to within you. Whenever we feel the most love, I encourage people to pay attention to where they feel it. Is it really coming from outside of you? No. It is right there inside of you. In practicing this love, we also naturally ignite the inner healer for you, and that's when things start to get really interesting.

The Practice of Tenacity

For those of you interested in a healing session with me (which as I said before, really isn't much different than a teaching session), tenacity is key. You have to be more committed to your healing than your pain. That often means you have to discover a lot about yourself that you may not like. It may mean reliving old pain so that you can now fully release it. Many people who come to me have done amazing work in releasing pain from the mind, but for many physically traumatic events, that healing must now come down into the heart, the body, and the subtle energy field. This is a different quality of healing and release, and it must be honored as much as the healing that went on for the mind. It often moves much slower as well, so I always encourage people to be kind and gentle with themselves, allowing things to shift and unfold in their own time.

Additionally, it's important to continue to do the inner work and follow the intuitive information that arises after a session. Committing in this way to your inner healer allows our sessions together to gather momentum as things start to release. With regular spiritual practices and self-care outside of the work together, dark issues like to go back into remission. They often try to hide out even when someone is sitting with me. Suddenly they're acting like they don't have any big issues to work on. Consequently, these sessions can only go as deep as you're willing to go, and it's why the tenacity to be disciplined in your healing and spiritual self-care practices is crucial to maximizing a healing session.

The Profundity of Energy

I am an energy healer, but that is by virtue of being in my I Am presence. That space of oneness, as I mentioned earlier, naturally heals. Sometimes we'll focus our combined light and awareness on something in particular to release an issue. Other times, we simply have to trust that the energy is doing the work regardless of what we are talking about or doing. We trust that the divine is already allowing our combined intention to heal something. No one can force the divine will to do anything faster or slower than it choses, but generally speaking, I don't think God is standing in the way of healing. Most people are standing in the way of their own healing, and I can tell pretty readily when someone is trying to block my energy specifically. If you aren't ready for deep healing or for major life changes (which often result when you clear out big issues because the internal world is often reflected in the external world), then I am not the healer for you.

There are many types of healers, and they are good for many different things. Many simply clear energy fields. I am rarely interested in this. To me this is like weed-whacking when dealing with deeper issues. You knock off the top, but the roots remain. I want to help you find the root so that it never grows back into your life, and the profundity of consciousness naturally takes us there as we both open ourselves to the healing process and engage with the grace of the divine.

Setting Up a Healing Session

I hope this gives you an idea of what my healing sessions are like. You are welcome to ask me more questions in a direct message, and I definitely encourage you to read more information about my sessions in my FAQ:

FAQ About My Sessions

I always trust my inner knowing, so if I am not guided to work with someone in healing, I trust that. I ask you to trust me if you've solicited me to work with you as a healer. That trust requires you to stay tuned into your inner knowing to find what feels true to you, but at the same time, it often requires a lot of vulnerability to share deeply held secrets and pains so that you can release them. This is always a confidential and sacred space, and I only ever talk to healing practitioners in anonymous terms about any sessions that I have.

Feel free to contact me through my contact form if you'd like to schedule a healing session.


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