Spiritual Poetry: The Divine Dance

My dancing diva spiritual poet, Rach, shares some of her joy and love of movement. As an individual who loves dance as well, I really enjoy her words here. I think so many people have never really danced before in their lives, and in a way, they do not know the depth of divine intelligence in their body. Dance is more than learning someone else's steps; it's about finding your own steps. In this way, we are also learning to dance in our broader lives because no one can ever really tell us how our lives should unfold. We simply have to find our own ways, one divine step at a time.

The Divine Dance

I love the dance
The dance loves me
When I drop in
Spirit moves
I have nothing to prove
I am free

The dance my divine dinner
Nourishing outer and inner
Feeds, weeds, and plants seeds
of all that I am and can be

The dance is the death and breath in motion
of all that makes up this me
Senses, thoughts, emotions
An ever-shifting swaying, rushing, soaring, slowing,
storming, calm, and flowing sea

The dance invites out what may be hiding
Honors broken, open, stuck, and joyous pieces
Holds, allows all that is residing
Rescues, rejoices, and releases

The dance that unfolds
birthed by the space that is held
is something sacred to behold
A holding with such effortless ease
Humble grace, gentle guidance welcomes and frees
Me and my dance in full true expression

Makes possible something which gifts me connection
With fine, funky, fab, and fellow movers
A crazy bunch of only deadly boogyers and groovers
We all show up, strutt our stuff
Spirit smiles as we rock and role and huff and puff

Music, movement, moments melt and merge
As we allow ourselves, our Spirit, our Dance to emerge
Beautiful bodies bend, turn, twist, and twirl,
In all our diverse and gorgeous dancing glory
Sharing in each other's unfolding shape-shifting story

I offer here my gratitude
For the boogy, the mix, and the moves
The energy of fun, love, connection, and acceptance every dance exudes
And for the freedom from anything to hide or to prove

A gift that lifts
and fills full this grateful soul
Feeding my heart
Which with every dance opens and grows

The feet upon the path photo comes from my friend and reader, Becky Stiller. Feel free to check out her beautiful work on this flickr link.