Spiritual Poetry: The Pristine Unseen

I get to share more spiritual poetry from my student, Rach, which I'm always excited about. I occasionally share different voices on this blog to help you get a sense of the many ways that wisdom can be expressed. It's not that you can't go to other blogs and video sites (which I'm sure many of you do, and I encourage this). But rather, I know some of you build up spiritual teachers in your minds, and it's my hope that when you read something from one of my students there's a little less resistance to accepting that the wisdom you read below is also the very same wisdom that you have within.

Enjoy the poem!

The Pristine Unseen

The pristine unseen, it gleams

And glows within my very heart

And when tears and pain arise

The pristine unseen

Is uncompromised

Never departs

It can't leave, you see

For it's always been

and always will

For every arising and falling

Have done so in this pristine still

Pristine still is all that is

manifest and unmanifest

all phenomenol existence

and the empty space in which it rests

What beats this heart

what moves this body

The all pervading one

from which Mother nature,

all of life is throbbing

The drummer and the drum

All I've just written's arising

fresh in the now

as is your, my, this awareness

that's aware of it all somehow

Pristine unseen simply is

and to add anything to that

to say that it's a mystery a miracle

or any word in fact

takes away from it you see

for the only way to truly know it is not to see or say

but to simply be.


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