Spiritual Poem: Holy Communion

I felt like sharing this beautiful poem on Christmas because I think it is a wonderful reclaiming of a core religious practice. For many people, communion has been denuded of its deeper meaning, it's greater divinity. But my student, Jackie, brings this term back to us and renews it with the depth of her loving awareness. In this poem, we have a chance to see that communion is in essence a "coming into union" with the divine, and we can have that sacred connection within ourselves at any moment.

To enjoy more of her poems as well as poetry from another of my students, you can click on the following link:

Spiritual Poetry


Holy Communion

I see the rain dropping.
It's purity on this Earth,
and I feel the heart beating
a rhythm that is at Home.

I see a baby crying,
and I remember suffering.
I see an old woman smiling,
and I love her just as my own.
She is my sister, my Mother, my daughter, my friend,
and yet she is none of these,
not in reality.

I see my own happiness reflected back at me
in thousands upon thousands of moments
and faces.
Every single experience brings happiness
in this place of eternal aliveness.
I am only ever becoming more intimate,
more versed in my own designs.

Feeling and thinking just like a human
but with love pumping through this heart
and flowing through these veins.
It is All enraptured in this,
it is only known as another expression of This.

Married inside to the unending bliss
not a woman, nor a daughter
nor a sister, nor a lover,
This that I am cannot be spoken.
This that I am can only be sensed
inside the bosom of my own heart
where we are united
in a congregation of other lovers
who have no name.

This is a faceless face
a circuitous journey
where I discover my Self
in every moment
and remember what Home is.

As I feel it comforting me, supporting me,
giving it's shelter and security to me
through every interaction
touching a beautiful Homecoming
that I relax deeply into
and feel so satisfied and full with.

This heart is embracing it all
without condition.
It loves what appears, just as it is
and it opens wider to cradle this moment

To feel the union inside my warmth and love
to hear these whispers of Reality as my own Soul
to commune with that which cannot be seen,
I am holding it inside.
I am loving it.

And it is living me,
moving these lips,
these feet,
this Heart
in a Holy Communion
that has All of me.


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