Spirituality Webinar: Releasing Issues

I talk a lot about releasing issues on this blog, so it is fitting to have a webinar focused on this topic. Whether it is grief, physical trauma, a past relationship that ended badly, or another old pain that is still stuck in us, it has to be released for us to be spiritually free. This plane accepts no carry-on baggage, and most of humanity is carrying quite a bit.

In an interesting way, however, releasing an issue is often more of a transmutation of energy. All that grief dissolves into bliss. All that pain melts into joy. It may seem ironic, but the truth of the matter is that pain is a type of energy, and it's usually one that we've been contributing to our whole lives through our attachments and ego. As a result, I hope to be able to shed some more light on this topic as well as what it's like to release an issue and the shifts that naturally result afterwards.

Webinar Title: Releasing Issues


In this spirituality webinar, I'll talk about a variety of aspects of releasing issues including:

  • Recurring issues
  • Respecting the different levels of healing that arise for the mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • The energy bursts people feel and the arising of new shifts after an issue releases
  • The uncertainty and newness in the healing process
  • The importance of cultivating unconditional love at all times, not just trying to get "rid" of the issue
  • The intensities that arise as we get close to a core issue
  • The importance of our practice to make space for ourselves during and after a release
  • The necessary changes that may arise after an issue clears to fully align with our emerging state of consciousness


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute Q&A session.


Wednesday, February, 26 2014


6 pm Pacific Standard Time

(Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable)


25 (that's the limit of the service I'm using)



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