This spiritual work that I do only grows so much as we all want it to. It's truly a co-creation between you--my students, readers, and well-wishing supporters--and me. I can say that I'm happy doing my part as a spiritual teacher, but I need your help to allow this work to continue to grow.

Some of you have already joined my social media team to help share my blogs and videos around the Internet, and this is helping to build up visibility for my blog. If you're interested in doing that specifically, please click the link below.

Learn about the Social Media Team

However, there's much more that I'd like to do, which means I need even more support. Thus, I've set up a volunteer program. I've created a couple categories for areas where I know I'll need help, including setting up events in different parts of the U.S. and world. Obviously, things will grow and change from here. If you are willing to grow with me, we'll figure things out together.

Email After Filling Out the Form

After filling out the below volunteer form, please email me directly using my contact form. Especially if we've never connected previously, please let me know the following:

  • why you want to volunteer, 
  • what has drawn you to me, and 
  • how long you have been reading my blog/watching my videos. 

Typically, I'm going to engage with someone who has been engaging with me already, such as those who are students or who have been coming to my free webinars. In general, I highly recommend coming to my webinars if you aren't a student. That will help you to get to know me.

Thank you so much for your support.

In love and kindness,


Click here to volunteer!


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