Webinar: Making Conscious Decisions

This webinar was requested by one of my students. She has learned as many of us have learned that for most of our lives we have not made conscious decisions. We might not even have made one.

To the unconscious ego (which of course thinks it's making all kinds of great decisions and that this webinar doesn't apply to you), this is a very humbling realization. It's only as we start to know ourselves do we see the profound influence of social programming, family upbringing, life karma, and instinctual patterning. As we gain more and more perspective, we see how our choices for friends, lovers, jobs, living situations, and so forth has been heavily dictated to us by this programming. As such, we realize we haven't been making decisions; we've just been acting out a program.

So for this webinar, I'll talk about what it's like to make conscious decisions as well as the ongoing uncovering of deeper programs and unconscious motives.

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Webinar Full Description: Making Conscious Decisions

As I mentioned above, we all like to think we're making conscious decisions, but most likely, we're not. This doesn't come from a victim mentality to say this. Rather, we are learning what is within our field of influence and what is not on the spiritual path. We are immensely powerful decision-makers when we understand what we can influence and when we are no longer controlled by all that old internal programming.

With that in mind, I'll probably talk about these types of topics:

  • Identifying an unconscious decision from a conscious decision
  • Beginning to gain perspective on yourself
  • Understanding how your programming limits your views of life and yourself, thereby limiting your ability to make rational decisions
  • Why there's no perfect decision we can make in life (whatever perfect means to you); there's only the best we can do in any given present moment
  • How the mind becomes our greatest ally in making conscious decisions once it is re-trained


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


10:30 am Pacific Standard Time

(Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable)


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