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When I talk about spiritual power tools, I'm really talking about your spiritual power tools. These are the tools that turn the wheel of your growth, healing, and spiritual awareness. You don't need to do much with a spiritual power tool. It's not like a weeklong kundalini yoga intensive. That's a general power tool that many people are using (without much awareness unfortunately) to charge up their energetic systems. It's powerful, no doubt. Even so, some people can still use such a tool and have little to no abiding effect from it. However, were you to discover and use one of your spiritual power tools, the effects on you can be quite profound. You usually don't need to use them very much, and some of you may even still be afraid of them. If you've already found one or two, then you know what I'm talking.

But since most people won't know what I'm talking about, I'll discuss some of the traits of a spiritual power tool and the importance of being mindful when using one.

The Right Mindset

The right mindset is critical to using a spiritual power tool. Many people on the spiritual path do not have the right mindset. They're trying to get somewhere, attain something, or do something that they think they ought to do. Make no mistake about it, the spiritual path isn't a game of achieving the best bliss state experience. I think that's what a lot of people are doing. A lot of people really just want to feel good all the time. But most people don't consciously realize this. In general, most people don't know what they are doing on the spiritual path, and I highly recommend this Mooji video for some more thoughts on understanding what you want from your spiritual journey:

Understanding the Goal of Your Search

Ultimately, the right mindset is a humble one. It's an interest in fully knowing yourself and being here now. The wonderful truth of that is that you are always here and now, and so we see that there is no where to go. This mindset unlocks a lot of inner shifts because our energy is allowed to settle and dig down its roots inside of us instead of being wasted in constant distractions (actions, thoughts, experiences, and feelings). To understand that you are not going anywhere paradoxically makes room for you to flow in the direction most true to you. From that awareness, you begin to see your obstacles as well as your gifts, and that's what your spiritual power tools will be addressing.

Identifying Isssues to Be Addressed by Your Spiritual Power Tools

Identifying your spiritual power tools can be both surprisingly obvious and surprisingly hidden. Many of these things don't appear until we are ready for them, and not everyone needs a super strong tool for their spiritual journey. Meditation, mindful breathing, and being present are often more than enough, and because the spiritual path is a simple one, it makes a lot of sense that the tools are often gradual and unexciting. When something is excited there is a quality of agitation, and being at peace is a wonderful and unexcited place.

But everyone's journey is different. What you truly want to do and what inner blocks you are holding are different from one person to the next. You could be a person who has been cut off from your ancestry, and you need a powerful tool to make a reconnection. You could be a person who has come from an emotionally sick family and needs a powerful tool to cut off all levels of ancestral connection. It really is a very individual thing, and because it's so important, you will have to be clear about your issues and yourself to best identify tools for you.

Here are some questions to consider:
  • What are my main issues? You could say something like "I'm closed hearted," but you probably should go deeper into why this is the case.
  • Where do I feel most sick, depleted, or hurt?
  • What things drain me the most?
  • What types of cycles go on in my life? This could be like dating the same types of people, having the same types of arguments with your parents, doing the same types of jobs, and so forth.
  • What traumatic events have I experienced if any? How and where did that affect me in my mind, heart, body, and energy?
If you haven't already been identifying issues, this can help you to go deeper. Conversely, what is most enlivening to you can help you identify where you truly want to grow in your life. A spiritual power tool can do one or both--cut away pain and disease and help support your growth.

Writing Your Way to Clarity

I think journaling is an excellent tool for about 90% of my students because I think it's a way to be clear and honest with oneself. You don't need to be a good writer. In fact, all you need to do is write. See what comes out. Talk about everything. Any time a part of you says, "No, no. I can't write or think that," then you absolutely should think about that and write about it. The journal really is a great spiritual tool for finding clarity. For some of my students, it is one of their power tools. Every time they sit down to write, something important comes out. Some new realization percolates up, and their life changes more, moving them into more natural alignment. Change is a central aspect of spiritual power tools. While we are always changing in life (this is a fundamental spiritual truth), a spiritual power tool will turn that wheel a little more profoundly.

For most people, however, the journal is just a helpful tool. You don't really go that much further and deeper compared to any other tool. This does not devalue the tool. As I have already emphasized about having the right mindset, we are never looking for a quicker or faster way to get somewhere because there is NOWHERE TO GO! Did I emphasize that enough? Maybe I should bold it and separate it from the paragraph.


That ought to do it. I even added an extra exclamation mark.

In truth, if you are reading this, you probably already are on a "faster" path to self awareness than most other people who are happily (or often unhappily) nestled into unconsciousness, lies, and delusions. But this doesn't matter either. What matters is that you are finding your way deeper into the truth of your own love and learning to stay there even when life throws unsettling things at you (and it will--no matter how "spiritual" you think you are).

Finding Your Spiritual Power Tools

A lot of times, we have trip over our spiritual power tools or have them pointed out to us for us to find them. As I've already mentioned, some of them are hidden in plainsight. As you sit here reading this blog post, you are staring right at one of mine--my writing. Clearly, my writing is a spiritual power tool for my own growth into the work I have chosen as a spiritual teacher and healer. It moves me, and it moves other people. This particular spiritual power tool is a form of communication, and this particular communication is healing and illuminating. Because I have gained greater clarity about myself, I can see more deeply into others, and that enhances the power of my words. In essence, this is the type of spiritual power tool that also grows in its power. It is not a temporary power tool, which I'll discuss shortly.

Thus, you can see that a spiritual power tool for you may also have a profound influence on others. It doesn't have to, but depending on your chosen role in this life, it can. This can make your spiritual power tool or tools scary because you realize the effects on others it has and your responsibilities around using it/them in integrity.

Without further ado, here are some types of spiritual power tools you might want to consider.

Places. Places have power. Some places have profound effects on people. Thousands of people go hang out at Mt. Shasta or in the Sedona energy vortices. However, it doesn't have to be a place with an already known "spiritual" power. It's a place that when you go there you feel changed. You feel more at home. Old issues naturally get pushed up, which is a central part of healing. You may feel clearer there than other places. This really is more than just enjoying a day at the beach. If you go to the ocean and simply feel washed out of old pain and renewed, this might be a spiritual power tool you. How much it moves things inside you will help you to determine if it is a general tool or a power tool.

People. People are undoubtedly spiritual power tools. In many respects, a soulmate is a spiritual power tool more than a romantic partnership. Soulmates and other deep soul-level connections can naturally draw up all kinds of issues to help you heal them (which is what we do when we have the right mindset in conscious relationships). They also allow us to connect in deeper levels of union within ourselves as well as with another. Many soulmates reveal your blindspots and may even sense what work you should be doing (if there is work you should be doing or some purpose that is true to you to perform in this world). And of course, spiritual teachers can be power tools. I am not a spiritual power tool for all my students, but I am for some of them (and they already know it).

Things and techniques. I don't want you searching too hard for sacred artifacts, but some things are powerful for people. Some people have amazing relationships with gem stones, for instances. If this is true, you can hold one in your hand, and you immediately feel something. As I mentioned on this blog, a power tool can bring up powerful energy and emotions--both upsetting and good. And sometimes all at the same time. There are many other sacred items in this world, but they should only ever be used for good and expanding your Self awareness.

The same goes for spiritual techniques. I've mentioned kundalini yoga, which is already a powerful tool. For some people, it will awakened your kundalini energy. Treating this tool with appropriate reverence and respect is important, so be sure you are working with a skilled kundalini teacher to help you focus through all the stuff that will get moved up. And there are many, many more powerful tools. If you are deeply connected to animals, then being around animals can be a power tool. If it's plants, then it's plants. Whatever it is, a spiritual power tool will be deeply and unequivocally pronounced in its influence on you.

The Spiritual Power Tool of Silence, Stillness, and Aloneness

Most spiritual traditions acknowledge the importance of silence, sitting still, and being alone. When we are alone, we cannot avoid ourselves. Everything we have to deal with comes from within us. The noisy mind. The bad back. The upset feelings. That's ours. We cannot doubt that or avoid it. As such, sitting in silence by yourself generally can have a powerful effect on someone. Where it becomes a power tool (and only you can say) is if things really get churned up inside. Also, if you get extremely clear about life and at peace. In some deep and lasting way, you feel changed being the stillness.

To the outside world, it will look like you are doing nothing, but this is hardly the case. Being still and present to what is going on inside is an extremely alive and vibrant place. If it is more so than other spiritual tools (and it's not just you relaxing or feeling mildly uncomfortable with being alone), then it might be a spiritual power tool for you.

Letting Go of Power Tools

There are times to use a chisel and times to use a jackhammer. On the spiritual path, we learn to be deft and mindful of these changing times. Every tool is different however, so how you come to use them will vary. Some are just opening things up. Others are for healing. As such, these are transitional power tools. You don't need a wrecking ball to knock over everything once it's been knocked over and you are growing naturally into your fullness. And let's be clear, some spiritual power tools (like a soulmate) can be incredibly powerful wrecking balls that only show up for a certain time period of your life. Then they're gone.

Other spiritual power tools are lifelong tools that you will use again and again and again. With your mindfulness and intuitive intelligence, you'll know when and how. You won't need to get anywhere, and you will be able to be with the intensity of the tool. You'll also know when to put it down for awhile. You'll know when it's time to step out of a Sedona energy vortice, pause work with a spiritual teacher, and so forth. All of these things are just as important as being willing to step into and to step in deeper with a spiritual power tool. 

Ultimately, all of this is simply clearing the way to you being you and enjoying the path that you have come to walk to in its fullest.


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