Webinar: Embodying Spirituality

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The concept of embodying spirituality is getting talked about a lot these days, and I wanted to have a webinar to hopefully help you understand this idea. On the one hand, it is an impossibility because we are all inherently spiritual. In this way, we are approaching the discussion from the space of what I call "higher truth." This is important because we want to connect with the truest Truth first. From that space, we come back to the truth of the moment. In our daily lives, we then can sense what feels most trust to our bodies from a clear perspective. When we have this connection to oneness and Truth, the practice of embodying spirituality in our day-to-day living becomes natural.

However, I know a lot of you don't really understand this sense of connection with oneness. And there's a lot of confusion around how to be kind to the body. So, my next webinar will tackle this topic and any of your questions. As always, this webinar is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate if you'd like to by using the PayPal button on the right.

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Embodying Spirituality Webinar Full Description

People often think of embodying spirituality as doing "nice" things for themselves. And while bubble baths and massages are great, embodying spirituality really is about listening to your body. Restrictive diets, over-exercising/under-exercising, or punishing the body in general are counterproductive to being at peace in your own skin.

The body is our temple. It is our one vehicle we get for this lifetime, and how feel in our bodies directly influences our emotional and intellectual senses of ourselves. We, however, often spend a lot of time trying to beat our bodies into submission to fit beauty ideals or to achieve egoic goals. This tends to fill the body with pain, shame, fear, and anger. As such coming into alignment with the body often means dealing with a host of upset emotions and sensations first.

In general, this webinar is likely to look at questions such as:

  • What does it feel like to be in integrity with the body?
  • How does the body heal and process old wounds?
  • What is it like for an awakening body and/or how do I figure out everything I'm feeling after having awakened and with all these body shifts occurring?
  • What does a shift in body intelligence mean?
  • What does exercise and diet look like for an enlightened body?


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, January 14, 2014


6 PM Pacific Time

(Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable)


25 (that's the limit of the service I'm using)



But donations are greatly appreciated, especially since I am still building up my spiritual teaching practice.

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