Webinar: Energy and Life Shifts After Healing an Issue

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I spend a great deal of time on this spiritual website helping people get to the point where they can engage with an issue to heal it. But guess what? Once something shifts, you're not really done. You're now in a new space, and the deeper fear of the unknown that abides in many people can turn this amazing opportunity to grow into a threat. Additionally, the rawness and vulnerability that people often feel can be unsettling, and it is an important practice to know how to sit in this space of greater openness and clarity to allow it to unfold for you.

Conversely, many of you are early on in your self-healing, and as such, healing one issue can naturally lead to a shift that opens a gate to a host of other issues. Some people may conclude that they have done something wrong, when in fact they've done something very right. This is a common juncture for those carrying intense pain and trauma to self-sabotage their healing and turn back.

The energy and the subsequent life shifts that arise after healing an issue are new territory for most people, but it's also not without additional support. That additional support is your expanding awareness and willingness to go into difficult feelings. From that dedication, you can get into a healthy cycle of self-growth--expanding and contracting as you move through different issues--and naturally growing into the life that resonates most deeply for you.

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Energy and Life Shifts After Healing an Issue Full Description

Most people have a standard energy that they prefer to feel during their daily lives, and much of our lives are built to help reinforce that quality of life. Habits and patterns get created to reinforce that way of living, and from all of that comes a sense of safety built from familiarity.

However, many of you know that what is familiar isn't necessarily healthy, and some of you who have begun to heal have learned how your standard way of feeling may not actually be a good way of living. But whenever we release an issue, we move through a kind of strange land of transition before settling into a new way of living. This timeframe requires care and appreciation so that we don't run to the next thing in life and waste our energy that needs to grow roots more deeply into this moment. It can feel really strange for awhile, but sometimes, that's just because you're not used to feeling you--a healthy you. As such, don't be too quite to label this shifting time period, and be slow to make major decisions in life.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2014


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