Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Family Issues

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We can't kid ourselves--family issues can be some tough stuff with which to grapple. Why is that? Those issues are all interlinked with some of our most basic patterns and concepts about life. Family and the people closest to us during our upbringing taught us everything. They taught us how to eat, clothe ourselves, think, speak, act, and live. It's no wonder that these can be some really tough issues to crack.

But in so doing, we are not in a place of blaming, appeasing, or coddling our families. They are who they are. They have their paths to follow just as we do. Depending on your relationship with your family, you'll get more or less participation in helping to break old issues. But by and large, you're probably on your own the deeper you go. Many of the "common sense" ideas you grew up on will get uprooted and shown as untrue or twisted up with hidden fears. Some of the very things that used to comfort you about your family (maybe it was those big family dinners) will suddenly become unbearable because of whatever is being hidden or buried under a mountain of food. It can be quite startling for some people to find out how sick their families are after believing otherwise. And of course, it can go the other way where you realize how much more beautiful they are than you'd once thought.

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Spiritual Awakening and Family Issues Full Description

The closer you get to the source of an issue, the more powerful the issue. But the power in releasing that issue is also immense. As such, working with how you're manifesting core family issues can be both some of the most intense work you do and the most empowering. A lot of ideas and unhealthy patterns can get acted out for our entire lives until we really look with an honest, loving, and discerning eye at our families and what they taught us and what they reflect back to us.

Some things I am likely to discuss include:
  • Loving your family where they are in their personal growth
  • Making space for changes in your family dynamics as you grow
  • Making space for non-acceptance from your family as you grow
  • Discerning family issues and how you enact them in your everyday life
  • Getting to the deeper roots underneath family issues (Just because mom and her mom and her mom all married alcoholics doesn't mean that codependency is the core issue. Bigger issues with self-worth and needing men for financial support as part of survival can be hidden under that)


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, February 11, 2014


6 PM Pacific Time

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