5 Types of Spiritual Awakening Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Spiritual awakening shifts around a lot of stuff in our inner worlds, and having all the inner furniture moving can certainly cause a lot of ruckus in other rooms in our inner home. One notable room is how we sleep. Because sleep is one of the fundamental elements of being a human being, not getting enough or not getting the right kind of sleep directly impacts how you feel and experience life. Sleep issues often underlie the chronic fatigue issue that also can show up for a lot of people during an awakening.

Chronic Fatigue and Spiritual Awakening

Today, I wanted to offer some thoughts and some potential solutions to help you cope with the challenges of not sleeping well enough, not enough, or too much. As always, I want to emphasize that this is not medical advice, and it's always a good idea to check in with the Western MD. We have them for a reason, and they are as much a part of the spiritual path as any healer out there.

But when we are otherwise perfectly healthy and our sleeping patterns change after awakening, there can be a couple of reasons for this. Also, it tends to be the case that several of these issues are going on at once. What I am doing here is attempting to parse out something that may feel overwhelming and completely intertwined into something easier to look at.

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Without further ado, let's talk about 5 types of spiritual awakening sleep problems, changes, and insomnia.

#1 Intense Energy Shifts

Since a real spiritual awakening comes with a dramatic shift in the inner energy flow, intense energy shifts are common and to be expected during the initial phases of transition. It's like a dam has broken. And while not everyone is energy sensitive or feeling overwhelming surges, these kind of shifts can be surprisingly tiring and often are part of the chronic fatigue people feel during a spiritual awakening. It's as if every issue inside feels like it's being worked on all at once.

That's intense.

Energy shifts and the healing going inside takes a lot of energy as it is. Even when sleeping normally, you can end up being extremely tired and worn out when you've done nothing physically significant. Plus, your energy shifts come according to their timing, not your ego's preference. That can mean that they light up at 9 PM at night when you're ready to wind down. As such, you can find yourself up late at night when you'd want to be sleeping. You may be up all night and develop insomnia if the intensity of the energy shifts is particularly high and unceasing. Depending on your schedule (and I do hope you can learn to change that schedule as much as possible), you may have to get up before you've had enough or any sleep.

Potential Sleep Solutions for Energy Shifts

Firstly, I am going to emphasize that not all solutions will work. Some will work for a time, and others just aren't relevant to your spiritual shift. As always, using your intuition here is key to finding the truth for you. Additionally, it's important to not view your awakening as a problem or torturing you. You're going through a fundamental life change that is beautiful and will offer you a chance to live life in a totally new and beautiful and natural way.

One idea is to not do a lot before going to bed. Turn off the media (Internet, TV, music, etc.). Let your energy calm down as much as possible. If meditation helps you calm down, then use it. If it ramps up your energy, then do meditation earlier in the evening. Everyone is different, so meditation can go both ways.

Additionally, meditation in the morning can be very nourishing for some of you. For me for several years, my morning meditation felt rejuvenating. It was a way of feeling like I got a full night's sleep in just 30 minutes.

#2 Deep Triggering of Issues Especially Fear

As energy washes through us, a whole bunch of issues are triggered. Especially with fear, a lot of agitation is stirred up. That agitated, unprocessed energy from our wounds and pain is extremely unsettled. Believing in the stories, pain, and upset emotions that are arising makes them worse. Plus, at night, we tend to relax more, and when we relax, our resistance to old pain diminishes. This is why some people in awakening and other spiritual shifts find night time to be a kind of Hell on Earth. They'll start to relax before going to bed or while asleep at night, and then all kinds of unprocessed crap will boil to the surface, disrupting your peaceful night's repose. Severe insomnia can develop for people who have extreme resistance to the pain stuck inside, and such a high resistance further suggests a lot of deep trauma that's trying to boil to the surface so that you can at least resolve it.

Potential Sleep Solutions for Triggers

First off, stop resisting your transition. That resistance is you fighting yourself, your love, your truth, and all the really important things. I know this may not be comfortable right now, but later on, you'll be grateful to have let go of all the pain and illusions that have trapped you your whole life. Sometimes just this level of embracing your spiritual awakening will give you back your sleep, but you'll probably give up your daily living to processing and healing and spiritual growth. Sorry. That's how it goes, and no, I'm not really sorry. Because you're changing in the healthiest way possible.

This is also an important place to practice embracing what you feel while watching it. Let yourself be aware of what is coming up whether at night or during the day. This is how we learn to dissolve issues with awareness and to let our issues resolve themselves. We are so gifted to have souls and bodies that know how to heal. It's time to get out of the way of that process. It can lead to a better night's sleep, and even if you are still not sleeping well, at least you're processing things and moving towards deeper healing.

Dissolving Issues With Awareness

#3 Re-Aligning to Your Natural Sleep Patterns

Some people have never slept according to their natural sleep patterns, and now the deeper intelligence within you is emerging. How ever you naturally want to sleep is now coming out. This can extend the amount of sleep you need, and it can change the hours that you go to sleep at and when you wake up. As always, resisting this change will bring further problems.

Potential Sleep Solutions for Emerging Sleep Patterns

Um, do what your body wants. I am sure it is inconvenient to your schedule, but whenever possible, do what your body wants. I know that jobs and children have their own schedules, but right now, you're going to need to figure out some creative solutions if you want to feel rested and clear. That's assuming you've ever felt fully rested and clear, and that experience can be a brand new one for so many people who live in our society and aren't sleeping enough. Not sleeping right is a big enough problem that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls it an epidemic in this article:

#4 Processing Issues Through Dreams

Especially for those resisting their transitions and whatever they need to do, their dreams and subconscious can take over the heavy lifting of processing issues. Even if you are embracing your shift, the subconscious also needs to get with the program and integrate with this emerging awreness. When this is happening, people can have really vivid dreams. If someone has experienced violence, violent dreams may be surfacing. A lot of strange and repressed things may also come out of the subconscious closet to be addressed, and especially for the things most avoided, nighttime dreams are an avenue where our soul knows we have the least resistance and will have to face the truth.

Potential Sleep Solutions for Dream Processing

This solution is much like I mentioned before, which is to embrace your path. Do your spiritual work during the day. Accept that you have changed. The life as you knew it is over. The life as you knew it was an illusion, so it never really existed anyway. Sure, you were sharing a dream with lots of other people, which made life seem safe and gave you things. But it wasn't real. In your inner most depths, you know this, and your soul decided that it was time for this fantasy to come to an end.

Especially for those of you who receive a lot of messages through your dreams, having a dream journal to write down what is coming up in your dreams will help to process things. If your dreams are waking you up at night, then you might as well do something. If they don't wake you up, try to journal them out first thing in the morning and then get in a meditation to rest and allow for further fully conscious processing.

Remember that dreams are rarely literal. They speak in signs, emotions, and sensations to some degree. If you really want to get into understanding dreams, you may look into Carl Jung's books. You can also read this blog post to explore more on this topic:

Dreams and Processing Your Issues Through Your Subconscious

#5 Psychic Disturbances

Finally, some people have their psychic abilities emerge during awakening. Jonas Elrod made a move about that called, "Wake Up." Once again, at night, our ego guard is down for the most part, and if psychic abilities are part of your spiritual gifts, then you may start to have interesting visits from spirits, have out of body experiences, receive important messages from your angels and guides, and so forth.

For others who are naturally psychic, a full spiritual awakening isn't necessary to bring out these gifts. Just a little bit of opening up and spiritual growth can bring out these abilities, and with them can come a whole host of misinterpretations because of how much fear people have. That fear creates the real disturbance--not the spirit of your grandmother tucking you in energetically.

Potential Sleep Solutions for Psychic Disturbances

The solution for this is real easy--embrace your gifts! For a psychic to deny he or she is psychic is like other people denying they have a left arm. Clearly if you have a left arm, then you have a left arm. The same goes for psychics (which we all have some level of ability with, but it varies widely). Part of embracing your gift is accepting what you see and doing your spiritual work to clear issues. The more clear and in love you are, the less anything with any kind of predatory or hurtful intentions will come find you. Mainly, you'll find well-wishers, angels, spiritual stragglers (meaning they need to leave this planet and go home now--your physical journey is over, dude), and other mostly harmless types. It really is your fear that is causing the biggest disturbance in most cases.

Returning to a Peaceful Night's Sleep

I can't say how these things will go for you, but my genuine feeling is that when you have no actual medical problem and you accept what is arising, things do calm down. Your sleep returns to its natural pattern, and you get the rest you want again.

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  1. A few times, as of late, I have been asleep and wake up to what sounds like someone else whispering but as I wake up it's coming out of my mouth and I don't understand what it's saying. It's a very strange feeling. I have awakened myself with my own snoring before and every now and then with my own speech but this seems different. It always creeps me out for a moment but then I dismiss the fear and usually go back to sleep. Any thoughts on this or what would be the most constructive way of dealing with it?

    1. I would point you towards working with a sleep coach to make sure that you're doing what you need to do to help your body fully relax before I would make any suggestions about this experience.

  2. Seriously thank you, this was really helpful, the past few days of my life made everything before seem like an illusion. Ive been getting night terrors and deleriums which I actually think I've been handling quite well because I've been openly accepting them as a part of the process. I'm opening up to the infinite nature of what I'm not knowing. This has been shaking my very core when I swallow even a grain. God bless, looking forward to the journey.

    1. I'm glad this post can help. I hope you'll keep reading other posts on my site about doing inner work. This one is particularly important:

      The Process of Releasing Pain from Your Energy Body


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