Webinar Recording: Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life

Once a year, I like to turn my attention to the topic of highly sensitive people. As a highly sensitive person, I understand a lot of the unsettling emotions and energies that are going on around me pretty much all the time, but because of the spiritual path, I've learned how to be at peace with a lot of it. I've also learned how to use those different energetic feelings to help me go further in my spiritual work. So, I held this annual webinar to once again speak to all my sensitives, empaths, and whatever else word people are using for people who can feel other people's feelings.

Highly sensitive people (for whom others often use the word empathetic) feel tons of stuff. While most people hear the average restaurant conversation at 60 decibels, a sensitive person in the same situation can feel like they're "hearing" a jet engine roar at 120 decibels. Many additional levels of energy and information that go on but are invisible and "unheard" by others are present and potentially very loud depending on how sensitive a person is. That leads many sensitive people towards shutting down, hiding out, or regularly freaking out.

But being sensitive is a great gift when we are clear in ourselves. It allows us to know things that others don't know. It allows us to connect very deeply quickly and easily. The spiritual path helps us to stay clear and to let the many unstable energies pass through or roll off our energetic shoulders, so to speak.

Most of all, I emphasize in this webinar why the spiritual path is so important to embrace so that you can feel like a stable human being while maintaining your sensitivities, not shutting them down.

Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life Webinar Recording


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time


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