Webinar: Tips for Creating Conscious Relationships

Next week's webinar tackles the task of how we can all learn to create conscious relationships. This is a topic I've covered before in numerous other spiritual blog posts, and as always, I emphasize that it all starts with your relationship with yourself. Dealing with your own baggage is the first step to developing conscious relationships with your romantic partner, children, friends, family, business associates, colleagues, and more. Until you cross that bridge, you are very likely trying to control others in your relationships in futile attempts to make yourself feel a certain way. This is the nature of unconscious relationships.

In this webinar, I'll offer tips about what makes a conscious relationship different from an unconscious relationship. Much of what you'll hear will be the usual good relationship advice (clear communication, making time for each other, yada yada yada). But there's more to it on the spiritual path because we also learn to find our issues reflected back to us in our relationships. A conscious relationships offers us the chance to grow through the intensity of connections, especially in romantic partnerships. There's also the opportunity to practice discerning when it's time to let go of someone and when it's time to lean in and be more committed to a relationship.

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Tips for Creating Conscious Relationships Webinar Full Description

Early on the spiritual path, lots of people are still stuck in the soulmate phase of romantic relationships. What do I mean by this? I mean that people still want a fantasy. They want someone to meet all their needs and help them live a happily ever after. This is nonsense. It's not what romantic relationships are.

In general, relationships (the interactions between two or more people) are an opportunity to grow in romantic connection, friendship connection, work connection, academic connection, and more. The more we learn to see people as they are, the more relationships can flower because you'll actually interact with the real person rather than trying to interact with the idea of the person. Many of you already know what it's like when someone tries to interact with you through behaviors you no longer have interest in. Children as they become adults often say, "Stop treating me like a kid!" What's going on here? The parent is still committed to the idea of their child and not the actual person standing in front of them.

Some other points I'm likely to touch upon in this webinar include:
  • Figuring out how you project your perceptions onto other people in your life
  • Honoring other people's wishes to not be in a conscious relationship and letting them be as they are
  • Appreciating the intensity that comes up with being seen as you are and adjusting to being truly vulnerable with another person
  • Appreciating the diversity of relationships in your life and their diverse needs and durations (No relationship lasts forever)
  • The importance of keeping it simple as you learn to interact in a conscious relationship
  • Discovering all your romantic fairy tales
  • Identifying core elements of unconscious relationships and conscious relationships
  • Letting life be messy and allowing relationships to be imperfect
  • Remembering that relationships require work from both sides


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


10:30 AM Pacific Time

(Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable)


25 (that's the limit of the service I'm using)


Free! However, donations are greatly appreciated. You can donate by using the button in the upper right hand side of the blog. Thank you for your support!


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