Webinar: Achieving Your Highest Spiritual Potential

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The topic for this spirituality webinar was a request from one of my students, and I think it's a topic that definitely needs our attention. It needs our attention not for actually explaining how to achieve your highest spiritual potential but to help you understand the ego self that is seeking this end goal.

Now, let me be clear; at the outset of a lot of spiritual journeys, many people need this kind of self-improvement mentality. When you're dealing with abuse, old pain, addictions, and the general inertia of being stuck in old patterns, having the aspiration to achieve some kind of potential or goal is extremely useful. It gets people moving.

However, as you mature on the spiritual path, this idea of achievement becomes increasingly problematic. We have to ask what part of us wants to achieve something and why?

What is potential? And when you've achieved this "potential" what will be different?

What will you have that you don't now have after achieving this goal? Why do you need to achieve something?

Is this pursuit an embracing of something or actually a running away?

These and some other questions I'll offer will hopefully help you to delve into this idea so that you do not get trapped in a pursuit that will keep you blind to the truth.

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Achieving Your Highest Spiritual Potential Webinar Full Description

In Western society, having goals is considered to be a laudable trait. It allows us to "get things done" and "move forward," but the truth is that we generally don't know where we're going. We don't really know what we're after, and as such, this type of mindless goal-orientation keeps us trapped in cycles we don't fully understand. Many of these cycles are quite painful, and it is that pain that often brings people to the spiritual path.

However, the mentality of achieving your highest spiritual potential brings with it many illusions, and this is where many people will get trapped on their spiritual journeys. They'll be attempting to get somewhere, which often negates the very present moment in which they are in. The present moment becomes simply a means of getting somewhere else rather than the place of peace and love it always is. In short, the truth is often masked by the pursuit instead of revealed by the pursuit of your spiritual potential

With all that said, here are some additional thoughts I'm likely to delve into:

  • What growing into our true selves really means
  • Howe we can uncover hidden ego agendas that are part of striving for a spiritual ideal or potential
  • How to find the right spiritual supporters in our life to help us see our blindspots
  • How to discover when other people on the spiritual path are trapped
  • Learning to trust the vulnerability and openness within that will guide you to your natural spiritual growth
  • How to let go of goals and any idea of what your life should look like


30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


10:30 AM Pacific Time

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