Webinar Recording: Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations

A spiritual awakening takes you towards what is most true, natural, and healthy for you, and that includes your body. If your body wants more weight on it, it'll add weight as you shift and grow. If it wants less, it'll lose weight. If it wants different kinds of food, it'll make that request known--loudly and clearly. It can be surprisingly vocal.

And we have been surprisingly deaf to the needs of our bodies. Our bodies are our one and only instrument for engaging with this world, and here we are having done all kinds of strange things to it from neglect to restrictive clothing to overly-intense workouts to poor diet and more. Why shouldn't it be surprising that the body might make some loud demands after awakening?

As always, this webinar recording isn't for getting medical advice, but it is a time to talk about common body shifts and the occasional ailment. For medical advice about your physical sensations, check in with a Western MD.

But once you come back with a clean bill of health, you may notice that a lot of upset physical sensations resolve themselves with a little time and attention. Depending on your physical state of health, you may need to put some or a lot of effort into taking care of your body. The body functions in the physical world, so it doesn't matter how much "energy healing" or intention setting you do. If you want to make conscious changes to align with your body's truest shape, you have to take action. For instance, if you are grossly obese, then your body will want exercise and a healthier diet. For you, body transformation will very likely be dramatic.

For others, it will be less dramatic and less clear to anyone externally what has changed inside. But you'll feel it. Please remember that your body doesn't care about social beauty ideals or running a marathon. It has it's own level of health and abilities that it prefers, and you will be much more at peace in your body when you align your mental ideas with that physical wisdom.

Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations Webinar Recording

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


6 PM Pacific Time

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