Sessions for January, Coming Home, and Thank You's!

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I'll start this spirituality post with my sincerest "thank you's" to everyone who has offered support to me in some way since the apartment complex fire that took me into a new major life transition. It has truly warmed my heart to have support from so many. That includes the friend who has taken me in to his home for the short-term while I look for a new place to live, my partner who has tirelessly helped in any way she could, one of my students who has helped me pack among other things, and all of the people who have donated to help me. Thank you!

In regards to donations, I have received over $4400 since I started fundraising in November. Little did I know that my fundraising campaign would essentially become a disaster relief fund. I really appreciate the financial support many of you have offered to me as I look for a new place to live. It really is helping to ease the transition.

Coming Home

There are lots of amazing and uncomfortable lessons that I am learning right now. One of the big ones is that home is within. Conceptually, I already know this, but whenever a powerful and intense situation like this shows up, it puts you to the test. There are lots of elements of "home" that are really just our own feelings, and I'll talk a lot more about this in the coming months as I process through this latest crop of issues. But let me emphasize that home is within you. That's part of what people mean when they say home is where the heart is, and your heart is always within you.

Scheduling Sessions for January 2016

Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that I'm getting back into a regular teaching rhythm again in January. I've had to cancel a lot of sessions because of the apartment fire for obvious reasons. If you've had a session canceled or if you want a session in general, you can reach out to me through my contact form or my email address if you already have it. We can schedule something for the week starting the 2nd of January.

I hope you are well and are growing on your spiritual paths.