The Neglected Spiritual Awakening and its Results

I want to start by saying that I cannot predict how anything unfolds for another in life much less on their spiritual path. Today's topic about what arises for some people after a neglected spiritual awakening may reflect some people's experiences or it may not. This spiritual awakening post, however, is a reminder that certain moments in our lives are particularly precious, and despite what our unconscious egos think about how our lives should go, the pain and rebirthing struggles of awakening are immeasurable gifts. And when some doorways close, they do close forever.

I have talked about so many things on this blog, and I've touched on the topic of an unwanted awakening. But I don't think I've spent much time talking about how neglecting this shift may unfold, so that is today's topic. If you want to hear about the unwanted spiritual awakening, you can check out the below blog post:

The Unwanted Awakening: Denying Your Self and Your Love

After the Waves of Energy Subside

A spiritual awakening often brings forth a ton of energy inside of people, but like any wave, it does subside. That is the nature of life. Things arise. Things pass away. It's very simple. Awakening is very simple. It's the unconscious ego that makes it complicated, and for many who embrace their awakening and the shifts that arise from their awareness, they can often over-complicate the process with spiritual tools and techniques. At times, some effort to unwind the gigantic ball of tangled string that we are is required. But as you unwind it, you find that it is all one thread of consciousness, and when it is unwound, it is a very simple reality.

That simple reality is that we are. Any additional story is superfluous, and it often leads to trouble, pain, and suffering.

But when you haven't been unwinding the tangled mess of unconscious beliefs and pain, the mess tends to get worse after awakening. Spiritual realizations can get twisted by the ego's need to define itself, and so a strange combination of truth and lies create very contorted half and total lies that someone believes in. They may realize that romantic partnership isn't real, so the person leaves their spouse. But then they are hunting for a soulmate with some newer, idealized version of spiritual love. The issue is still in tact around the need for romance, and there are deeper issues hidden by it.

For other people who have neglected the awakening, they didn't leave their partner, but that didn't come from a commitment. That came from a fear of change or a fear of being alone or some other fear. Fear rules the day in the unconscious ego's world, and the person stays trapped.

The Trap of the Unconscious Ego

When a spiritual awakening is neglected, the unconscious ego wins, sort of. There are certain realizations that can't be unrealized. How much truth seeps into someone who awakens and then denies and neglects the shift is going to vary from person to person. The deeper the truth is realized, the more someone may feel like a thorn is stuck in their sides. That pain requires the person to continue to deny themselves and their Self-knowledge because the truth keeps poking up its head. In another way of expressing this, the truth is no different than a mountain. The mountain is there, so you have to bend your neck and avert your eyes constantly when you live by the mountain if you don't want to see it. This is how it can be for someone who neglected their spiritual awakening. And sure, some of their life may actually be still comfortable. This is part of what the unconscious ego sought after, and some people will do all that they can to preserve comfort. But a comfortable life is not inherently a happy one, and if you don't understand what true happiness is and what you are defining as comfortable or uncomfortable, then how would you really know if you are truly happy?

The honest answer is that you wouldn't know, but you think you know. And you may be the person still trying to believe that "ignorance is bliss," but maybe that doesn't even work for you anymore either. A little awakening goes a long way, and as I said, some parts of awareness don't get hidden again.

Coping With Your Choices

The amount of coping someone has to do with the fact that they neglected a spiritual awakening will vary. The more conscious the person, the more denial the person has to do, and the more pain the person may be in as the force of the energy inside them is pounding against the walls of their ego prison cell. It lead to many months and years of misery to resist this inner change.

Some people may partially give up some resistance, and this may lead to a kind of half-assing of the spiritual path. Others may come around to the spiritual path when things feel more stable or calm. This may mean that the awakening energy has subsided or gone dormant. Now that things are calmer, the person may start to get more spiritual because they feel in control again. But that control is a trap. It will often lead the person towards things that feel good and feel safe. Those feelings are traps because so much of our growth is outside what feels good and safe to us.

Once again, it's the unconscious ego defining for you whether you feel good or safe. A lot of those feelings arise from mental decisions (although not all--Check out this blog post about appreciating our physical body and the bio-chemistry we create: The Animal Within: Retraining the Primal Instinctual Body). So, we generally don't know why we are feeling what we are feeling, and sometimes, our responses to our environments and other people are flat wrong. This can lead to pain later.

For instance, many people feel good when they eat hamburgers, but a lot of that has to do with physiological and mental training. For those of you who have changed your diet, you may not feel good at all eating hamburgers when before you did. What happened? You came into alignment with your physical truth, and your taste buds changed. Taste buds--like a lot of human aspects--are pretty malleable, and a spiritual awakening often teaches us about our overall malleability. Spiritual awakening often teaches us the importance and accessibility of change, especially to match our true needs and not our habitual desires.

Sometimes Lightning Strikes Twice...Sometimes

I really don't encourage anyone to expect this, but sometimes, a person has another spiritual awakening. As I've continued to connect with people around the world, I occasionally hear stories of someone who had an awakening, managed to shutdown somehow, and then another one came along several decades later. I often receive quite a bit of gratitude from these individuals because they had no idea what was arising the first time. That lead to the shutting down initially. Now that we have the Internet, they have found me and other people who can help them embrace this process. So they get on-board the second awakening train.

But it's probably not easier.

The awakening and the resulting growth and shifts now have to move through several decades more of pain. Because one thing human beings are good at is accumulating pain. The unconscious ego generally doesn't know how to process difficult emotions, so things keep getting piled on top of the deeper core issues. If someone already had a lot of pain, awakened, and somehow stopped the process, by the time the second one comes, this can be potentially excruciating. I can't say this for sure for all people. That's not how life is. But I have seen this to be true for some of the people who have followed this spiritual path. It's not fun, and most of these people would adamantly encourage anyone awakening for the first time to take this first ride and not wait and hope for a second spiritual awakening.

The Messy Aftermath of Neglect

For some people, neglecting a spiritual awakening can bring about years of discomfort and confusion. It may never be all put back again. Some of these people often end up in therapy, which can be a good thing. But if the therapist does not understand the nature of a spiritual awakening, the person is probably putting more bandages over bullet wounds. You have to learn how to go to the core of your issues if you want to heal. That's a lot of what awakening helps us to do. If not, those bullets cause infections and pus and all kinds of complications in your life again and again and again.

If your father leaves you as a child, abandonment issues may be huge for you. Thus, finding new skills to make more friends is a bandage for a fear of abandonment. These are the types of things an unmindful healer may have you do. Sure, making friends is an important skill, but this will likely further mask the deeper upset--the feeling of being abandoned by dad.

Of course going to a healer of some kind is often a healthy choice. Lots of good work can be done with psychologists, energy workers, and healers of all kinds. Clearly, there are a lot more really unhealthy choices that people make. Those choices are using drugs, alcohol, sex, work, and other things to numb the pain that is trying to arise, but these do no good. They tend to cause a lot of harm, and the person stays stuck in this messy aftermath with a few spiritual realizations probably running around along with all the unconscious beliefs that are trying to fight.

Numbing Yourself to Life and Over-stimulation

It May Turn Into all Roses

But then again, you may drop back into unconsciousness after awakening settles down--however long that may be--and everything is comfortable and fine again. I can't predict it. I can only speak from the position of someone who has sat in his inner fires and cuddled with core issues. Releasing those issues has brought so much freedom, love, truth, and clarity that I couldn't imagine not have embracing my awakening. I can see how the former person that I thought I was thought he was happy. But I was not...not by a long shot. Fortunately, I could feel the gift of awakening when it arose, and I went into the fire of my soul. And now here I am.

You can do this too. Even if you neglected your spiritual awakening, you can always start again on your spiritual path and learn to delve into your issues. All you need to go is to turn inwards, and you are on the conscious path to your greatest truth and love.

Uncovering Core Issues