Webinar: Unmasking the Need for Safety

The need for safety is a topic that comes up repeatedly for people on the spiritual path. They want emotional safety, financial safety, and of course physical safety. There's even a search for some kind of spiritual safety, although what that may mean varies widely by person.

This drive for safety tends to have enormous amounts of fear in it, and as such, it often cause us to feel more unsafe than otherwise. But let's take some time together to really look at this need for safety, and let's ask ourselves a couple questions:

What is safety?

Why do we need it?

What are all the ways we try to get it and how do those actions make us feel?

Whenever we can put a need under the microscope, some surprising realizations can emerge. I encourage you to register below to join me on this journey, and let's find out what we discover together about the human need for safety.

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Here's a blog about safety if you just can't wait for the webinar to come.



30 to 40 minute talk. Then a 30 to 20 minute question and answer session.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016


10:30 AM Pacific Time

Be sure to figure out the time difference if applicable.


25 (that's the limit of the service I'm using)


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