Recording: How to Grow on the Spiritual Path

In my last online talk, I discussed the importance of healing on the spiritual path. People have so many wounds, and there is simply no way to walk or run until you've healed your broken bones. But when that does happen, a whole new world opens. That world is the world of spiritual growth.

Most of what we believe is possible for ourselves is determined by our wounds. If we have a broken leg, we don't believe that sprinting is possible. But once that wound is healed, suddenly, you have all this space to move through. Or rather, the space was already there; you didn't give yourself access to it. This leads people to take on tasks they wouldn't have done before, engage in new types of relationships that would have been otherwise uncomfortable, and generally grow in new ways.

This growth, however, exposes other wounds and limitations. Some people and situations will not support you when you are healthy--many people are committed to your woundedness for one reason or another. So new challenges arise as you grow and expand past the limited world you'd inhabited. This too can bring in new and amazing supporters and friends, so the space of spiritual growth is extremely dynamic.

Watch the full recording of this talk below. Enjoy!

How to Grow on the Spiritual Path Recording

Recording Date:

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


6 PM Pacific Time


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