Recording: How to Heal on the Spiritual Path

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In this spiritual talk, I delve into the topic of healing on the spiritual path. It is a topic that I am passionate about because humanity is so deeply wounded. Before we can even think about spiritual growth, we need to understand healing.

First of all, needing healing doesn't mean you are broken. Most people are far more wounded than they understand. The label and the feeling of being "broken" are part of a victim identity, and the victim ego will always be broken because it separates itself from other parts of your experience. It cuts you off from you. However, the true you is not broken. The true you is divine and never separate from the beauty of oneness.

So the ego it has to go for true healing to be possible. The unconscious ego is a very limited thing that creates separation between you and your truth, and dropping the victim identity/ego is one of the ways where we lose separation. In losing separation, healing can begin because true healing arises from unity within. It is such a beautiful thing that when we need no longer feel broken and don't need to fix ourselves, true healing can then arise.

I also want to expand people's frames of reference around healing. We are not just talking about healing abuse or trauma. We are also talking about healing illusions and misconceptions. Core illusions wound us the most deeply. Here's one of them:

"I am not good enough."

These five words destroy probably billions of people's whole lives. Many seemingly "successful" people are tormented by this belief, which is why they have to try so hard at whatever vocation or pursuit they choose. There are many more deep seated beliefs and fears that also need to be found and healed. They include; "I am not safe," "I am not lovable," "I am a terrible person," and so on. The list is quite long, and I encourage you to do some honest journaling to see what core beliefs sit at the center of your being. Consequently, it's these lies that I think are the most important to heal and some of the ones we as a society are poorest at healing.

So these are some of the thoughts that I explore in the following recording. Enjoy!

How to Heal on the Spiritual Path

Date of Recording:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


10:30 AM Pacific Time


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