Online Talk: Understanding Your Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit Interconnection

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My next free livestreaming talk was requested by one of my students. I'll be discussing the interconnections of heart, body, mind, and spirit in this next talk (you are welcome to post a comment below to suggest topics for future talks, by the way).

Too often, Westerners think only in terms of the intellectual mind, but even science is helping to show the amazing level of interconnectedness of all different aspects of us. The physical gut is being called a "second brain" by some, and organizations like the HeartMath Institute have offered profound insights into the electro-magnetic function of the physical heart and its impacts on the emotional heart.

While I don't have a science background, I will be talking about some of the interrelations I've seen and emphasize why we have to appreciate each aspect of ourselves in our spiritual growth. The brain heals and learns in one way; the heart heals and learns in another. Yet, they also can positively or negatively reinforce each other. If we mentally believe we are bad, broken individuals, then our emotions, energy, and body are all impacted. As such, we have to learn how to break free of these feedback loops and allow our hearts, minds, and bodies to return to their natural healthy, functioning states.

It's quite an amazing journey to be a human being with all of these different parts interacting with each other. I hope to offer insights in this talk as far as when to focus on one area and how to find root causes of issues to come back into your natural interconnected flow.

If you want to join me, sign up below. The talk, as always, is free.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


10:30 AM Pacific Time


It's online. You can join me at this link at the aforementioned day and time:


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