A Heartfelt Thank you to my Donors!

I am writing a short blog post to thank all my donors this past year and years past. Thank you! I get to work as a full-time spiritual teacher because of all you. With your financial support, I began breaking even in March 2015, and I have been fully supported by you since then (a year and a half and counting). Thanks for every big and small, regular and one-time donation. They mean a ton to me.

Additionally, I like to remind all of you that when you help me, you're also supporting all the people who come to this blog and anyone with whom I connect. Your financial support gives me the time to focus on a number of activities such as:
  • replying to emails, 
  • posting and responding to comments on the blog and social sites like Facebook and Twitter, 
  • writing new blog posts,
  • writing newsletters, 
  • holding free online talks,
  • doing a bunch of clerical work that is part of any business,
  • researching technologies to keep my blog up-to-date,
  • managing my self-care so I can be a clear conduit for others,
  • and continuing to use my suggested donation methodology for one-on-one sessions.
This last point I'd like to take a few moments to explain because I think it's an important thing to understand as many of us would like to see a revolution in how money is used.

My Suggested Donation Methodology

We've all seen how poorly money can be used. It is ultimately just energy, but where we direct it clearly has huge consequences. It takes billions of dollars to fund war efforts, for example. And a lot of times we seem to have very little choice in where some of our money goes. There are some structures in life we simply have to abide by like paying taxes to our governments. There is only so much change any one of us can implement. But the changes that we do implement can have increasingly large effects the more of us do them.

On that note, my suggested donation methodology is something that others of you may want to try out for yourself. It is based on an honors system. Simply put, I set an amount for my one-on-one sessions at $150, but people donate whatever they can. As opposed to creating a structure like a sliding scale or an obligatory payment amount, I really do leave it up to people what they donate. Those who can afford the suggested $150 amount offer that. Most of my other students offer less. So in a week, I can receive anything from a $150 donation to a $15 donation for session. I've done a session once for a donation of $2.

Obviously, if I don't have a big enough group of people, it doesn't work. And it also doesn't work if people aren't honest and try to get something cheaply from me. But, by and large, I've found that most people with whom I work really get it. They understand this system, and they do their best to honor their financial situation and mine in what they give.

Developing a Better Reciprocity Culture

A lot of our culture is set up around obligatory giving. We have to pay rent, phone bills, etc. We're used to being forced to give. Additionally, there is a strong undercurrent of "takers." Many people don't appreciate free things and try to take whatever and however much they want. This reality is partly why I don't work for free. Some people try and take advantage of this work with me. Additionally, when people donate, it shows that they are invested in their inner work. I've found that it is really important for people to be invested in their spiritual work. Otherwise, some people don't take it seriously.

The more of us who use methodologies like the suggested donation structure, the more we can collectively teach people about how to give and receive. Some of you already get this, but many do not. So, if you're developing some kind of consulting, teaching, or other practice, I encourage you to give this a methodology a try. Let me know how it goes for you.

For more thoughts on mindful reciprocity, you can check out this post:

Mindful Money Use and Reciprocity

Thank You All One More Time!

I just want to thank you all one last time. All of you who have given to me show that you get it; you get what giving is all about. You understand that where you send your money-energy will create the opportunities and the businesses that occupy it. You have helped me to create this spiritual teaching practice from nothing. I am doing it full-time because of you, and I look forward to continuing to be able to serve the thousands of people (my blog gets more than 10,000 visits a month) around the world who find their way to me because of you.

Thank you!

In love and kindness,



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