How to Read this Spirituality Blog

I've been writing this blog for more than 6 years as of the time of this posting (October 5, 2016). Thanks to all of you who have been supporting me in this venture. I really appreciate it.

Over time, some of how I express things has changed. I have grown and changed. I have learned more than a thing or two in the last six years, and so I've done my best to apply those learnings in my most recent blog posts.

You can certainly find incongruities and logical failings in here too. Having errors (and typos) is just part of being a human being. Additionally, human logic isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Spiritual truths don't need to make perfect sense in English or any other language to be understood. These and any other words will fail to point at the truth because they are not the truth. They are just signs pointing at things--things inside of you. I may use words like wisdom and love, but those words are not the things themselves. And wisdom and love move in surprising and often paradoxical ways. Keep this in mind when you read any spiritual teacher's work. It's the purview of philosophers to make all their writing mesh under certain logical constructs. It's the work of the spiritual teacher to break you out of constructs and to point you towards freedom. I hope you understand the distinction.

Since going back and editing 6 years of blog posts is untenable, I want to reinforce why practicing your intuition while reading this blog is so important. I am a human being. I see somethings. I don't see others. But when you read my work from the space of your intuition, you can find the wisdom you need and let go of any failings, misunderstandings, or other errors. That is how best to treat any spiritual teacher or person in general. Your intuition can find the needle in the haystack and toss away the hay.

For more on using your intuition, here's this compilation of blog posts. Admittedly, these are some of the ones that are getting a little dated, but the essence is still on point. It's the essence of the teaching that is, ultimately, the most important part to understand.

Intuition: A Short Guide to Improving Your Inner Knowing

Pay Attention to the Essence of my Teaching

It is common for the unconscious ego self to look for faults in another to try and discredit the teaching and any issues that may get illuminated in one's self. I've had people find all kinds of problems with my metaphors and other things simply to avoid dealing with the issues to which my work points. While sometimes truth is a needle in a haystack, finding an issue with a good teacher can also be like finding a needle in a haystack. And some people are exceptionally good at finding issues in other people. Others even manufacture them. The ego does this because it often needs to create lies about others to help someone to continue to lie to themselves.

However, most of you aren't that way. If you're reading this, you care about the truth. So when you do find conflicts in the writing, look for the essence. What is the fundamental part of what I am saying? Does it have anything to do with elephants in a circus metaphor? Or am I using this metaphor to point towards the issues and craziness inside of human beings? What is this craziness?

It's unconsciousness.

I use a lot of different metaphors, examples, and expressions to point to unconsciousness as well as other important truths. Some of the essential truths I point to can be found in this blog post

9 Spiritual Truths to Live By

To give a brief rundown of some key spiritual truths, here are a few:
  • All your truth is inside you.
  • You and God are one.
  • We are all one with God.
  • Separation causes suffering.
  • Spiritual awakening reveals the truth.
Whenever you are in doubt about my writing, see if you can find the essence of the topic at hand. Let go of the rest. And of course, I welcome friendly emails. You are welcome to inquire further with me if you are confused or if I have been unclear about something.

Searching Through More Than 800 Spiritual Blog Posts 

I have been fairly prolific in the last 8 years. That means there's a lot of content to sort through. Whenever possible, search through the newest posts first. Those are most currently aligned with my way of sharing about the spiritual path.

Additionally, I made this blog post some time ago to help you use the search tools on this blog and find the answers you seek:

How to Find Answers on this Spirituality Blog

Hopefully, this post offers some helpful direction on how to read my spiritual awakening blog. I hope it helps you at whatever stage you are on your spiritual journey!