Is There a Multiverse?

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One popular topic for many people on the spiritual path and those who are interested in metaphysical inquiry is the question of whether we live in one universe or many universes. Many people wonder about how many dimensions there actually are as well as what are the essential building blocks of life.

However, I am not going to answer these questions. Generally speaking, my work is focused on helping people be here now in this particular universe. We seem to collectively struggle with harmoniously hanging out together, and so I think we need to master one universe before getting into any other ones that may or may not exist. Additionally, I think this realm of exploration can be an escape for some people to hang out in the fantasies of the mind rather than dealing with the practical realities of their particular here and now.

So, instead of me talking about the multiverse, I felt like sharing this fascinating video from the World Science Festival's YouTube channel. In the following video four cosmologists/astrophysicists talk about different aspects of theories surrounding the multiverse as well as the essential building block of all life (aka string theory). I think this can help ground your understanding in this topic. Plus, multiverse is a phsyics word, and I prefer to allow those in that field to maintain their definition of that term rather than giving it new connotations from my totally non-physics point of view.

With all that said, I hope that you enjoy the following video and that it enriches your understanding of the discussion around the multiverse.

Multiverse: One Universe or Many?

If you haven't seen the World Science Festival's channel before, I highly recommend it. There are videos featuring expert commentary about some enormously important and interesting topics. The videos feature experts in fields such as cosmology, physics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and more. If you want to check it out, click on this link. Enjoy!

World Science Festival YouTube Channel


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