Online Talk: How to Use Mindful Breathing

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I often say, "Breath into it," when asked a question about how to face an issue, and for many of you, you may be wondering what that means. In my sessions, I have time to explain and get responses from my students as to what they are feeling to help them understand what it means to breathe into an issue. In a blog post, not so much.

Because of that, I felt like offering a talk about mindful breathing for my next free livestream on YouTube. You can bring any and all questions you have about how to use your breath to free yourself from pain and old, repeating issues. I probably will talk a little less than usual and leave more time to answer questions.

The breathing I have my students do is very simple, although there are plenty of other more rigorous breathing techniques out there. In general, I am pro-simplicity because the body can be a surprisingly simple organism. Focused breathing on different areas of the body go a remarkably long way in letting go of old pain and issues that get stuck in the body.

Mindful breathing, in general, is a great everyday spiritual tool to help you stay centered doing whatever it is that you are doing and to calm yourself when you are triggered. It's one of the tools that is a reminder to everyone that no one is too busy for a spiritual practice. If you say that to me, you're essentially saying that you have no time to breathe!

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to register below and invite a friend or three.

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Wednesday, March 8


6 PM Pacific Time


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