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As technology continues to evolve, sometimes my blog will have to evolve too.

My main concern is that the blog is loading quickly and looking good on phones and tablets. I am also concerned about how search engines may be ranking my blog in regards to that functionality and other coding things. The second one is always difficult to figure out, but with the first, I am reaching out to all of you to get your input.

So I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out the survey below.  You can click the link or use the embedded form. It's the same survey either way. It's only 10 questions long, so it shouldn't require much of your time.

If you have input on the content that I post here, you can email me directly. The point of this survey is about the functionality of the site, not the writing and topics.

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

In love and kindness,


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