The Importance of Regular One-on-one Sessions

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Today I feel like sharing on a slightly different topic than usual, and that is regular one-on-one sessions.

Amazingly enough, I have been having sessions with people for coming up on 7 years at the time of this posting, and I've seen a thing or four. One of those four things--okay, it's a lot more than four--is how easy it is for people to get stuck in issues. There is just something about the inertia of unconsciousness that it doesn't want to move. Even when one issue has cleared, most people tend to stabilize in some new form of stuckness.

Spiritual Sticking Points and Why People Like Being Stuck

Sometimes those of you who awaken are exceptions. That tends to be particularly true through the first couple of years when the floodgates are open and you are being pushed, pulled, and transformed in every way imaginable. Eventually, you do have to make a choice about going deeper inwards. It seems like spiritual awakening is like a lawnmower that mows down tons of weeds, but it rarely uproots them all. To go deeper means you have to choose to actively do so, and sometimes, it's helpful to have someone who can do that with you.

While I talk a lot about dealing with issues as central to most one-on-one sessions, I would also add that there are whole realms of amazing spiritual growth that can arise when two bright souls sit in a space of connection together. So for those of you where you've completed most of your healing, there is a whole other playground of opportunities out there for you. Sharing space with another being who is open and clear amplifies the growth and joy of that space in ways that you can not imagine.

Regularity and Getting Used to the Cycles of Shared Connection

Shared connection is sadly a very uncommon experience on the human level. People have so many unconscious walls and barriers up that only the weakest and most unconscious kinds of attachments form. But attachments are rarely about connection. They're usually about desire and aversion (aversion to things like pain). In a romantic relationship, the desire can be sexual, and the aversion can be an aversion to being alone. Yet for many people, this is what they think connection is.

So imagine some people's surprise when they sit in a powerful connection for the first time. It can draw up a lot of things, and that can be overwhelming. The more naturally deep the connection, the more intense that can make a session. That can make regular sessions particularly important because the regularity gives someone time to get used to that level of intense connection. It also helps them to process a lot of hidden issues that the energy of connection draws up.

In time and with the resolution of issues, the student can feel the natural flow of an unimpeded connection. It's been my general experience that a strong connection without any barriers feels really amazing, and the regular work over years has helped more than a few of my students to be able to sit very comfortably in those depths of connection with me.

Spiritual Awakening and Powerful Relationships Recording

Developing a Rhythm in Your Inner Work

The regular sessions also help to develop a rhythm to the healing and growth that someone goes through. For more than a few of my students what happens goes a little like this:

  • An issue or issues start rising up a day or two before a session.
  • We work through what has come up.
  • The students processes the remaining parts of the issue over the next 3 to 5 days.
  • Things normalize for the off week.
  • The next layer of an issue or opportunity for growth starts to emerge before the next session.

While it doesn't always go like this, it has happened this way for quite a few of my students. It seems like both the student and their soul naturally develop this flow knowing that there is help to be had in the form of the sessions to move through things. I think this, in general, leads to the student having a deeper faith in her or himself as they see that things can come up and that they can work through them.

The Gradual Dissolving of Issues and False Beliefs

For most people, the breaking down of issues is a gradual process that requires a regular practice. Those issues aren't going unless you deal with them. Unlike an awakening, energy for most people does not move very easily (highly sensitive people are an exception). It's going to take some focus to overcome your inertia (the quality of stuckness and heaviness) and your momentum (all the unconscious things to which you have focused your energy and many of which aren't true for you). Regular one-on-one sessions with a spiritual teacher can be key to breaking out of that inertia and halting the momentum.

For those of you who are naturally energetically stable, it may be hard to get moving at first, but when you do shift, you are likely to stay where you go to. So the difficulty you may experience at first is often rewarded by a sense of inner strength in your natural state. In general, peace and relaxation are stable places. It takes a lot of energy and negative reinforcement to stay out of alignment with our relaxed nature.

By negative reinforcement, I don't just mean all the pain we inflict on ourselves like being in jobs we don't want to be in or self-judging. I also mean false ideas like the external world having what you want, that you need a purpose to be happy, that you have to do something to achieve inner peace, and other misleading ideas. The positive reinforcement I offer my regular students helps to create perspective against this backdrop of nonsense and insanity. Over time, spiritual truths seep into people, and they take root while uprooting the many false beliefs that trap people.

Problems With Sporadic Sessions

Many of my spiritual students have sessions sporadically. Some of them are quite strong in their inner work and their inner knowing, and they are using the sessions appropriately to themselves. That's wonderful.

However, my experience with most people is that sporadic sessions also tend to lead to sporadic spiritual practices. It allows them to backslide into all kinds of issues, and that makes any work I do with them to go virtually no where. It can result in the sessions they do have being a stabilizing session to ground someone when they are ungrounded. It can result in me having to re-emphasize again and again the same next steps the person already knows to take. It generally means we aren't working on any deeper issues and certainly not core issues.

The Spiritual Backslide

All-in-all, most people need the regular support just to get started going inwards to face some of the top and mid-level issues and to get a sense of the inner flow that can result as they start clearing issues.

Opening Deeper and Deeper to the Flow

I want to offer a quick note to my empath/highly sensitive people. Being able to flow and feel easily is a powerful gift and tool, but the fact that you can flow and change doesn't mean you are growing intelligently. I would also add that how life around you changes is often not a reflection of who you are and if you are growing. If things are going well, that may just be how life is. It doesn't mean things are going well internally. The reverse is true too.

I add this caveat because people who are highly sensitive often confuse being able to shift easily in life and if they feel good as signs of things flowing. But a leaf tossed about in the sea is not directing her life. It is important to learn the difference between free-flowing and flowing intelligently.

Actually, opening to the deeper flow inside us may feel out-of-control at first, but as we learn to understand spiritual truth, we begin to perceive a deeper intelligence at work. In my sessions, I help people correctly identify that intelligence and weed out all the other errant stimuli that a person may have going on in their lives. When my students pay attention to this guidance, they tend to more mindfully direct their lives.

All in all, that tends to mean they are feeling happier, lighter, and freer.


Connecting Regularly When There Are No Problems

Last but not least, there is a WHOLE WORLD of spiritual growth that is out there. It tends to come after a lot of spiritual healing because our wounds block us from growing. If we have broken legs, we have no idea how to run, jump, or much of anything. After you heal your legs, you are entering a new world of freedom in dashing, leaping, and climbing. It's awesome!

Having a Problem With Having No Problems

This is essentially a metaphor for the benefits of connecting when there are no issues. Without issues blocking you, that really allows the energy to flow at a new level between two beings. Certainly, sitting in that connection can draw up much deeper and darker unconsciousness, but many other times it draws up inspiration out of my students. It draws up new levels of love and compassion. It draws up greater realizations and clarity, and I can then support them in going further into this new level of openness. From that, things grow in yet more extraordinary ways. It's truly beautiful.

So, I have seen a lot of benefit from regular one-on-one sessions. I am very honored to have several students with whom I have worked for years, and I felt like offering these insights to help you on your journey.

If you haven't reached out to me before about sessions, you are more than welcome to do so. And if you are one of my students but who doesn't have regular sessions, you are welcome to reach out about potentially setting that up. Be well!

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