Welcome to the New Blog Design and Pardon the Internet Dust

under construction, new design
Welcome to the third version of this website! Yep. That's right. This is blog design number three for SpiritualAwakeningProcess.com. Most of you are probably started reading well after 2012 and only know design number 2, but if you read my site before then, you were surrounded by a lot of dull and earthy brown for awhile. :)

This latest blog design is my latest attempt at keeping pace with the world multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.) and staying friendly to search engines. Most of you got here because of a search engine, and the majority of you came from a Google search. So if Google doesn't like a website, you don't find it. And while there are other ways of getting the word out about a website, Google is one of the best.

So hopefully this design will be viewed favorably by search engines, and  of course, I hope you find it easier to navigate.

Finding Your Spiritual Answers

I'll be updating the "How to Find Answers on this Spirituality Blog" post soon to offer additional assistance in getting comfortable with this new design and finding everything.

You can find most of the old tools that were on the right-hand side have been switched to the left-hand side. For phones and tablets, you should have a little menu icon with three lines. Click that to get to that section of the site.

Easy to Find Search Tool

The "Search" tool up above that travels as you scroll through a page should be one of the most obvious improvements. A lot of people couldn't find the search tools before (and yes there were two of them). I feel like this little change alone is one of the most important. The subscription to get notified of new blog posts is another one.

Feel free to leave praise and/or constructive criticism in the comments below. Some improvements I know how to change. Others, I don't. After all, I am interested in being a spiritual teacher, not a graphic designer or professional coder.

You'll probably notice other changes throughout the next week as people offer ideas and as I implement them. So pardon the interruption and the Internet dust! :)


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