Recording: Spiritual Awakening and Hypersensitivity

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Spiritual awakening rips the bandages off our wounds, and the subsequent healing process starts a powerful transformation in how we feel about all of life. The more wounds we have, the more upsetting sensations can be. This kind of hypersentivity can lead many people to incorrectly think that something is wrong. But really, the loss of numbness is gift that can lead towards true healing.

While most people are used to seeking relief, releasing issues is a whole other level of feeling. The intensity of it can be surprising, but releasing an issue allows us to be done with it. No further numbing or avoidance is needed to feel okay. We feel okay because we are healed and whole, and that changes our level of sensitivity with whatever the original triggers were.

Along with the wounds that people have, hypersensitivity after awakening is also caused by the loss of the ego. The ego is a big filter that blocks out all kinds of things and sensations. However, it often doesn't filter things well. Some things that get let in are not useful to us, and some things that are blocked out would have been really important to know. The ego gets broken down after an awakening so that we can consciously choose what we focus on and not block out important sensations, emotions, energies, and thoughts.

There are other reasons that people can feel hypersensitive after an awakening, so I hope you'll give this recording a gander. If you enjoy it, you can share this link or give the video a thumbs up on YouTube.

Spiritual Awakening and Hypersensitivity Recording

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

6 PM Pacific Time

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