Donations for December Vacation Time

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Thanks to everyone who has already donated to help me cover the time-off I'll take at the end of the year. As of this posting, 6 people have donated almost $500 to help cover the loss of not making any money during that time. I really appreciate it!

I usually take the last week and a half off of December each year. It's typically my only vacation time that I take largely because I love this work!

However, rest is important, and so I'll be off from December 20 to December 30. I won't be offering one-on-one sessions, which are my primary means of financial support. So I'm reaching out to ask for donations to help cover the lost income from not working. The goal is to reach $1500. That income primarily goes to things like food, rent, insurance, taxes, and the like. So this isn't funding some extravagant vacation; it's just paying for the basics. As a self-employed spiritual teacher, I don't have any paid time off (PTO).

Any additional donations above the $1500 goal will go to advertising this blog so that it can reach more people.

If you'd like to support my time-off, you can donate using the link down below.

Thank you for your help!

In love and kindness,


Donate to Help Support Jim's Vacation