Thank You to My 2017 Donors

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It's almost the end of 2017 at the time of this posting, and I wanted to take a moment to thank my many, many donors who continue to make my work financially possible. This year more people than ever before in my time as a spiritual teacher have donated to help support me. I received donations from more than 160 people from all around the world! Thank you! It means so much to have your support so that I can work as a full-time spiritual teacher.

Thanks to all my regular students who are regular donors. You give me financial certainty each month so that I can focus on spiritual teaching and not think about finding another job or part-time work to make ends meet.

Thanks to my students who can afford to donate the full suggested donation for a session. You help to support me and, through me, help to support those students who have less to offer for sessions. Whenever I choose a student, it's not the money that determines whether I work with them; it's intuition. Actually, most of my regular students don't donate the full $150 for a session, and that's fine because of those you who can and do donate the full amount.

Additionally, thanks to those who donate just because you feel called to do so. You also help me support others who can't donate a full amount for a session.

Thanks to those of you who donated specifically for my upcoming time off from December 20th to the 30th. A total of 19 people donated $915 to help me cover the time off when I am not working. As many of you know, there's no paid leave for someone who is self-employed.

All of your donations help me to do a variety of types of spiritual work from which I do not get direct financial support. That spiritual work includes:
  • Writing and editing blog posts
  • Working on another book about spiritual awakening
  • Writing and editing newsletters
  • Offering free livestreaming talks on YouTube
  • Scheduling posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and so forth)
  • Answering blog comments
  • Answering social media comments
  • Responding to emails and other messages
  • Making the occasional short video for my YouTube channel
  • Updating Google PlusPinterest, and StumbleUpon
  • Maintaining self-care (because in this line of work, if I am not clear, I am not very helpful to anyone)
  • And more
Then there's all the general business stuff that I have to do because I'm a sole proprietor. It's all on me, but your donations help me in all that I have to do such as:
  • Accounting
  • Managing advertising campaigns like Adwords
  • Researching new technology and opportunities for my work
  • Dealing with spam issues (spammers flooding newsletter subscriptions and other things)
  • Addressing hate-mail, hate-comments, or other abusive correspondence
  • Updating DNS information when needed to stay compliant with new email rules
  • Dealing with plagiarism and stolen content
  • Renewals (domain, business licenses, etc.)
  • And more
Finally, I send an email "thank you" to everyone who donates to me, but just in case you donated and a spam filter blocked my message of gratitude, here it is again: "Thank you!"

It's a lot of work to be a self-employed spiritual teacher, so from the bottom of my heart, thanks for your financial support throughout 2017.

In love,

Jim Tolles

P.S. As I mentioned, I'm off from December 20 to December 30, 2017, so please expect a delay in any messages you send my way during that time.


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