5 Energy States and Experiences

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There are many ways people experience energy, and after a spiritual awakening, a person may feel any number of energy states. For most people, these energy states are brand new even for the sensitive person, so I felt like offering a few thoughts on some common energy states.

Additionally, none of these spiritual energy states and experiences are limited to those who have had a spiritual awakening. Actually, the first one doesn't have anything to do with awakening. It is just serving a baseline for what many people call, "high energy." All these other energetic states can arise for anyone, but usually, the other four require some amount of work on one's energy to experience them. Then again, if an awakening can come out of the blue for totally non-spiritual people (people not interested in spirituality that is), then any of these can potentially show up at any time.

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Hopefully, this spiritual post helps you to create a broader language and understanding of energetic experiences that you may have or may have witnessed others having.

1. Low-high Energy State

The low-high energy state is what I call most drug induced high states. What is being described as a "high" is usually some euphoric state, and it's usually pretty enjoyable. I don't pretend to be a guru on all the substances and all the ways people experience them, but these types of "highs" are generally very low energy states. The confusion of euphoria, elation, and other pleasurable feelings with high energy is a problematic one as some of my awakened students, readers, and friends have discovered.

In general, feeling really good has nothing to do with whether you are in a high energetic state. What's worse is that people will label these types of low-highs as "spiritual." Because of this, it's easy for many to become psychologically dependent on substances for "spiritual" experiences. This is a huge trap, and it causes a lot of people to stagnate on their spiritual journeys. Ultimately, this path towards spiritual freedom leads us to embrace all states and experiences, and we learn to turn inwards rather than to external sources like different drugs and plant medicines to find ourselves.

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2. Pressure Cooker Energy State

Pressure cooker energy states usually have to be intentionally created by the individual (or by the individual with the help of others) with the exception of if someone awakens. In that instance, the Divine is intentionally creating the pressure cooker rather than the individual. This energy state literally feels like a pressure cooker, and more than a few people jump to the conclusion that they have to do something or get out of the intensity. However, this intensity is needed to break through unconscious and intentional barriers inside of someone. If the pressure isn't high enough, the walls stay in tact.

After a certain point in most people's lives, they have erected a countless number of internal walls to protect themselves. These beliefs, physical tensions, and energetic restrictions cut them off from countless experiences. That is their purpose. People think these walls will keep them safe. But instead of keeping people safe from suffering, they instead inflict a lot of it on the person. Thus, they have to be broken down consciously for the person to have any idea of what freedom is like and what they are blocking out. To be sure, some experiences that get let back in are not enjoyable, but the mature spiritual person learns how to be with difficult and challenging experiences by staying open.

In short, the pressure cooker is an intense place to be, but it is often necessary. For some people, they get to a point where they need to create an energetic pressure cooker situation to go deeper and break through walls that otherwise won't breakdown.

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3. High Energy and Low Physical Energy State

The high energy and low physical energy state is super common, and if you've read my blog for any length of time or been to my YouTube channel, you've probably heard me reference it. Essentially, a person is so tired that they can barely do anything. This neatly avoids the person from being able to run from the issues that are coming up or otherwise waste the energy that is moving through someone. It's pretty common for someone in the pressure cooker state to want to waste energy as well as in the surging energy state. But more often than not, people need to sit and be still. There are times when this energy is supposed to help someone do something, but there is a certain feeling to that to which a person has to train themselves to be aware.

With this state, however, there isn't enough physical energy to do much. It's couch time. That means you're doing a lot of breathing and allowing while the energy moves through until such time that it's done. It's also a time of self-inquiry to see what issues are surfacing in the emotional, physical, intellectual, or energetic bodies.

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4. Free-flowing Energy

Lots of people think they experience free-flowing energy, but usually most people are too ignorant to have any idea what free-flowing versus drifting unconsciously is like. There are plenty of drifters in the world, and there are plenty of people who are seeking the path of least resistance. That's not inherently free-flowing energy. Sure, sometimes free-flowing energy takes us towards the path of least resistance in the external world, but a person can only really know that they're flowing correctly when they have dissolved their inner resistance.

Inner resistance defines a lot of how people perceive their world, what they want, and where they intend to go. Dissolving inner resistance, in turn, gives a person perspective on what being stuck, drifting mindlessly, and free-flowing consciously are like. Those are all very different energetic states, but if someone is stuck and has never flowed before, they could even decide that they're flowing. Such is the nature of ignorance.

In this state, there is a quality of ease and relaxation in the person that helps them in the decisions they make. Those decisions may be simple or complicated, easy or difficult. Divine flow does not necessarily take a person towards ease in life, but when someone has cleared a lot of inner blockages and false beliefs, living in the external world does seem much easier to handle.

5. Surging Energy States

There are times when energy seems to go up a level in intensity, and it can feel like you are ready to run five marathons, bake a cake, and have a baby. The drive to do things in the midst of this intensity will be strong, but it's better to sit in the energy. Turn it inward. You won't want to, but as I mentioned earlier, this is important to allow it to break down other blocks. The surge suggests there is some openness already. If there isn't, the body can get fatigued or feel like it's in a pressure cooker. In some instances, people have involuntary body movements. It's like a rapid river hitting rocks, and the frothing water (body spams) is the body's reaction to the impact of the energy on the block. To be clear, if anything like this happens to you, it's good to consult a doctor. It's always better to be sure that there isn't something actually physically wrong.

At times, there can be a heat quality to an energy surge. That can also be in the pressure cooker state too or the high energy, low physical energy state. But mostly, this surging energy makes people want to do stuff. So it's a challenge to sit with that intensity and focus it internally. However, that's the best use for it. Let the energetic surge open you further and dissolve more blocks to your spiritual freedom.

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Many More Energetic States

There are countless other kinds of energetic states, and they can be experienced in any part of the physical, emotional, intellectual, or energetic body. The key ingredients here are to remain calm and investigate what's going on with the energy. If you've never been intuitive, take your time. It's okay to not know what is happening. If you have been intuitive, take your time. It's okay to not know what is going on. :)

It's important to remember that we are very ignorant about a lot of stuff, but our souls are not. Let your Divine energy show you what it needs to show you, and try not to label it something too soon. In time, it gets easier to accurately interpret energy.

I hope it and this blog post have helped to give you a better understanding of the amazing world of energetic experiences. Feel free to leave comments and questions below. Here are three more posts on energy to help you better understand it:

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On that note, here's a video on accurately interpreting energy.


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