Recording: Spiritual Self-care During Awakening

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Spiritual self-care during a spiritual awakening is far more than bubble baths and the occasional walk in nature. It's a dynamic process that is important in helping you maintain a level of inner balance to allow you to consciously, completely, and harmoniously move through your spiritual transformation.

To be sure, a true spiritual awakening upsets most everything within someone. It's a process of sacred destruction, and that de-stabilizes and imbalances a lot of stuff for a time. False beliefs and attachments are purged, and the body, heart, and energy are transformed just as much as the mind.

Appreciating that this is not just a mental process is key in understanding the type of self-care that may be needed. Every level gets transformed, and that has varying demands depending on the area (heart, body, etc.) and the particular issue being worked on. For example, if someone has abused their bodies through poor eating thanks to a self-worth issue, a lot of dietary changes will have to happen along with addressing the emotional side of the self-worth issue. The care to help someone manage the transition from very poor eating to healthy eating could require a trained dietitian, and there will be specific self-care that goes on around the diet changes to help calm and stabilize the person.

There are countless, different kinds of transitions people will make as they come back to a greater level of health, and then they can move on to deeper levels of spiritual growth and expansion.

I hope this recording helps you to find the way through the many transitions you may experience!

Spiritual Self-care During Awakening Video Recording

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Date of Recording:
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

10:30 AM Pacific Time

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