Supporting Online Spiritual Talks

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It's been an amazing ride to be a spiritual teacher for more than 7 years as of this posting. I've learned a lot and have tried a lot of things.

I also have offered and continue to offer a lot of free services. The blog posts are free as are my social media postings, responses to emails, responses to comments, newsletters, and more.

My online talks have also been a free offering, but as I have more things to do, I have less time and space to do things for free. Additionally, a lot of the Internet is no longer as free as it once was, such as social media. That means I'm needing more money to actively advertise this site. The newsletter service costs money, and other business demands like enhancing website security are looming in the future. In short, I need more financial support to be able to keep helping people they way I'd like to, and I'd like to get your financial support to continue offering these online spiritual talks.

I want to be clear that I won't charge for the online talks directly. Instead, I'm asking for donations beforehand from those who want to support them. In donating this way, you will allow me to offer the talks for free to everyone who signs up. By doing this, the single moms with four kids, students under a lot of financial debt, people in other parts of the world where currency conversion rates make contributing a burden, and so many other people with limited finances won't be shut out from the talks.

Here's how this will work.

I'll set up a free 1-hour talk for every $150 of donations I receive. So if I get $150, I'll do another talk. If I get to $300, I'll schedule two talks. I'll max out with about 20 more talks for 2018. That means if we get to $3000, then you've supported me in continuing to do biweekly talks for the rest of the year. Any additional donations above $3,000 will go into advertising the website so that I can help more people.

If I receive less than $150, then that money will be used for advertising.

I leave this up to you. If you feel that my online talks are an important service that I should continue to offer, then please make a donation. If you yourself don't go to them but want them to be offered for others, you are welcome to donate. If no one donates, then that's a clear sign that this is not an offering that this community wants.

I look forward to your collective response.

In love and service,