Recording: Awakening, Food, and Common Sense

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Food has become a hot topic in this day and age. In no other time that I know of has food and how it is raised and consumed become such big issues. It used to be that whatever you had nearby was what you ate; end of story.

There are a lot of issues at hand, and strangely, some of these are issues caused by wealth. Westerners are amazingly spoiled by things like groceries stores, which bring together vast amounts of food from all around the world in a wide variety of combinations. And yet grocery stores have disconnected people from how their food is raised, manufactured, and so forth. Consider all the ingredients in an oatmeal raisin cookie. Do oats grow where you are? How about raisins? What about cinnamon? Do you know where baking soda comes from? The grocery store is only one issue, and it is an outgrowth of many others.

I bring these things up because spiritual awakening is a re-connection with ourselves and with realities such as food. That re-connection causes many people to re-evaluate their food in a whole host of ways--some better, some worse. Additionally, food is getting used in a variety of ways such as suppressing emotions that is not the core function of food.

Because of this, I offered the following talk to bring back some common sense to this topic of eating. The talk is also meant to help those who have awakened and may be finding that their old ways of thinking about food as well as eating are needing to change. Hopefully, I can offer you some sanity to help you find a healthy way through your spiritual shifts and your engagement with food.

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Awakening, Food, and Common Sense Video Recording

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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