Recording: How Oneness and Duality Can Coexist

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Oneness and Duality, Together Forever
Oneness and duality are two of the great fundamental truths of human life. Oneness is. It's that eternal stillness within us that also permeates us and connects all of life. Changeless and timeless, oneness is the source we return to on our paths to spiritual freedom. Duality is separation. It's constantly changing and reforming itself, again and again. Try to hold onto it, and it will only frustrate you as it changes shape once more.

How can two opposites exist together in this universe? Is one better or more true than the other? How does understanding them help a person go further on the spiritual path?

In the below recording, I hope to help you see how there is no conflict between oneness and duality. I also hope to help you see that by better understanding and accepting both you can alleviate ego suffering and more truly live your life.

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How Oneness and Duality Can Coexist Talk

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

6 PM Pacific Time

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