Donating for an August Talk About Attachments

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This August, I am intending to do an online talk about releasing attachments. I often use the terminology of releasing "ego issues" when I talk about letting go of attachments, but the "issue" term primarily focuses on the stuff that we know causes us pain. This talk about releasing attachments will more broadly encompass the ego as a whole. In particular, I'll discuss the process of releasing attachments that we like.

As always, I'm happy to answer your questions at the talk.

If you'd like to support this talk, please consider making a donation. For every 150 USD in donations, I receive I put on a talk. The talk is then free to all who want to come. Even if you can't come, the talk automatically records and posts to my YouTube channel.

Even if you only can donate 10 USD, it helps. As of this posting, if 9 more people donate 10 USD, we'll have the next talk covered. If we go beyond the 150 USD, then those donations will be dedicated to a September talk.

Thanks for your support!

P.S. You are more than welcome to request a topic for an upcoming talk. You can leave a comment below with your suggestion.


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