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My work on updating important older spiritual posts continues. This time around, I updated a post about getting stuck after a spiritual awakening as well as the sense of apathy and indifference that can arise after awakening. Both of these topics are awakening-specific rather than speaking to the many other ways people feel stuck or are apathetic in life or on the spiritual path.

As a general rule of thumb for dealing with either issue, figure out what you are resisting or avoiding. Then go towards the resistance or what is being avoided.

Awakened and Bogged Down

There are no guarantees in life, and there are no guarantees after a spiritual awakening. Sometimes, people get a kind of fatalistic sense that awakened energy will do everything for them. They think it's like a kind of destiny. But really, this initial surge of energy is a beginning. It gets them started on the path of becoming more aware...started.

Eventually, things slow down, and those who have not actively engaged with their awakening can get stuck and lost. Those who tried to control the awakening may find themselves stuck in confusion. Both types of people need to surrender and then learn to better support their continued spiritual development.

Getting Stuck and Incomplete Spiritual Awakening Integrations

Awakened and Indifferent to Life

Another common theme after awakening is to become indifferent to life. Or rather, people become indifferent to their old ego life. This distinction is critical. Unfortunately, early on, people are still too identified with their ego to make this distinction. They believe that their old interests and ideas are still valid, correct, and REAL ways of viewing themselves and life, and they often also believe that the loss of these interests means that the entirety of life is no longer interesting. Sigh. Such is the nature of the ego.

Many people may say they have no interests, but they actually do. Their interests have simply changed, and the person has to acknowledge that. I have students come to me saying that they have nothing to say to anyone anymore, and then they talk to me non-stop for an hour session until my ears are bleeding. This is not an indifferent person. This is a person who has to honor that their interests have changed.

Eventually, all interests dissolve on the path to spiritual freedom, and the continued dissolving of interests is something that I talk more about in one of the posts linked in the post below.

Post-awakening Challenges: The Lost Gray World of Apathy


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