Recording: How to Be with Awakened Energy

Awakening one's energy has become an aspiration for many spiritual seekers, but there's a lot to know before attempting to do so.

And there's a lot more to understand if your energy is already awakened.

Awakened energy should be viewed like a river. It has a force and direction all its own, and you aren't going to control it. Learning to be with it, however, is far more than just a "go with a flow" mentality. If you try to "go with the flow" in an actual river, you'd end up hitting a whole lot of rocks, capsizing, or getting beached.

On that note, I wanted to offer some practical thoughts about appropriate preparation for those who think they want to awaken their energy. For those who already have awakened, this video is aimed to help you find the most intelligent, practical, and healthiest way to be with awakened energy.


How to Be with Awakened Energy

Date of Recording:
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

6 PM Pacific Time

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