Update on 2018 Winter Break Donations

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Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far to help fund a week and a half of me not working, aka winter break. Thus far, 23 people have donated to the sum of about $950. Thank you! That puts me half way to the goal of reaching $2,000.

Once again, your donations are going to support basic things like rent, food, insurances, and so forth while I rest up and check-in with myself.

While I am very clear and strong in myself, I do need to time for prolonged rest from time to time to see what all is moving within me. The human body and energy are changing things, and having time to dedicate myself solely to my own inner work as well as doing no work and just having pure rest are important parts of my self-care.

So, if you'd like to donate to help get to my goal of $2000, please consider using the link below.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks to all who have donated already!

In love and kindness,



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