How to Prepare for Awakening

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In December 2018, I wrote a series of blog posts about being strong enough in the mind, heart, and body for awakened energy. For the sake of efficiency, I felt like collecting them in this short spiritual awakening blog post so that you'd have all 3 posts in one place.

The idea that a certain strength is needed for being with awakened energy may be a new one for you, but it is true. Awakened energy is powerful, and it can trigger just about every mental issue, heart issue, or body issue you have. Preparing your mind, heart, and body is crucial for being able to be with the intensity and to surrender to the profound spiritual transformation it brings.


The Mind and Awakening

There are a lot of ways to cultivate the mind and to grow on the spiritual path, and awakening your energy is not the only way to become more conscious. Ultimately, awakening is just one path to becoming more conscious and finding spiritual freedom.

However, a spiritual awakening is a very direct path, and the mind needs to be prepared to have all of its beliefs incinerated while being able to process the spiritual truths the person realizes at the same time. Few egos actually want this, but this is what happens. In losing your beliefs, you are left with the unvarnished truth.

For more on how to strengthen your mind, you can read this blog post:

Building a Mind Strong Enough for Awakening

Becoming Heart-strong

Heart-strong is a phrase I coined some time ago, and it is one that I still love to use. A strong heart stays open to even the most challenging of emotions. It doesn't close down. It neither gets lost nor wallows in emotions. In short, a strong heart is a very powerful place, and it allows you to be with all kinds of intense emotions and emotional changes that awakened energy can draw out of you.

Most people are very weak in their heart, and that makes them unprepared for the purging of old emotions and the expansion of love that awakening can bring. That's why this level, much like the level of the mind, must be prepared.

To learn more about strengthening your heart, please read this blog post:

Building a Heart Strong Enough for Awakening

Preparing the Body for Awakening

Last but certainly not least, the body needs to be cared for. An unhealthy body makes discerning and understanding all the body sensations that can erupt with moving awakened energy near impossible. An unhealthy body almost makes the inner changes feel overwhelming and even unbearable. If someone is too upset by all the stuff that the energy is moving around, they can shut down and/or descend into a dark night of the soul.

I don't want any of you to end up there. So if you are truly serious about awakening your energy, please read this last link as well as the other two.

Building a Body Strong Enough for Awakening

If you have questions or want support in preparing for awakening (or dealing with awakening if it has already arisen), I offer one-on-one sessions. You can learn more about them here: