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Jim Tolles, spiritual teacher
I've been working with students for more than 8 and 1/2 years, and I'm very fortunate to have a full schedule with some very dedicated students. Some of those students I've worked with for more than 5 years, and we're still going (as of 2019).

I am very selective with whom I work because I want the relationship to be truly beneficial for a student. I can work at a lot of levels (mind, heart, body, and energy), and the more levels that are naturally accessible with a student makes the work that much more transformational.

From time to time, I have space for new students. My regular students have schedule changes for illness, vacation, business travel, etc. Long-term students and I occasionally take several month-long or year-long breaks, and occasionally, someone concludes working with me. So I do still have time arising for new students.

If you're interested in making a long-term commitment to the path to spiritual freedom and to working with me as a spiritual teacher, I've listed out some steps to joining my wait list to become a regular student of mine.

Also, I announce openings in my schedule first through my newsletter. You can sign-up to stay in the loop on this link:

Stay in Touch with Jim via his Newsletter

The Process for Joining the Student Wait List

The following are some steps to prepare you for working with me, for how to connect with me, and for how to be added to a list of students that I'll work with regularly.

Step 1: Read my Blog and Watch my Videos

It's great that my work can inspire someone to immediately reach out after reading a post or two/watching a video or three. But take a breath here. There's much more on this blog to read and on my YouTube channel. Take your time getting to know me through these avenues to get a stronger sense of what I mean by spiritual freedom, awakening, healing, and growth. This could take a few weeks, months, or even years, but it'll help you to be more clear about what working with me is all about.

Jim's YouTube Channel

Step 2: Review My Session Information

I and some of my current and past students have taken the time to write a good deal about these sessions. Students have not only written testimonials, but they've also written about the process of this shared work in the "Student Perspectives About Working with Jim Tolles" post. I recommend reading these posts before reaching out to me.

You can find these posts and other important blog posts on the "Sessions" tab.

Sessions with Jim

Step 3: Reaching out Through the Contact Form

Feeling still called to work with me?


Then go to my contact page on this blog. Read the instructions and follow them in writing your response. Click send. If the contact form doesn't confirm a sent message, you can use the link on that page to message me on Facebook. Otherwise, please don't message me on Facebook, Twitter, or other places. My contact form is my main point of connection.

Connect with Jim

Step 4: The Waiting and Appreciating Intuition

After hitting "send," different feelings and thoughts may come up. Breathe into those, and journal about them if you need to. Allow yourself to be at peace with what you've done after following the above steps. Whatever happens next, happens next.

For some of you, my intuition will guide me to respond. For others, my intuition will guide me not to respond. A few of you I'll respond with some instruction to follow, but not to work together. If you truly want to work with me, then I encourage you to appreciate my intuitive guidance in whatever form it takes.

For those I interact with, intuitive guidance doesn't necessarily give you what you expect or what you think you should get. Intuition gives you what you need at this point in your development. So if I do respond, practice being open to what I say.

Step 5: Corresponding About Sessions

When I respond to begin the process of becoming teacher and student, I'll ask questions about you and your spiritual path, send more information about sessions, and ask about questions you may have. We'll discuss what needs to be discussed prior to a first session, and I'll send over some basic forms that I have all new students fill out.

Step 6: Scheduling the First Session

After the forms are filled out, we schedule a first session when I have space in my schedule such as when a regular student cancels or re-schedule. I'll email some more instructions about what to do prior to a session.

The first session is a chance to do a couple of things, including:
  1. See how our energy interacts
  2. Help a student experientially understand what deep spiritual work is like with me
  3. Give a student a chance to see how things shift in the days after the first session
After this, I ask my prospective student to take time to see if this relationship feels true to them. If the relationship doesn't feel true to one of us, then we go no further.

Step 7: Being Added to the Regular Student Wait List

If a student and I both feel the connection is true to us, then I add the student to my student wait list to become a regular student. Regular students have sessions every 2 weeks, and that regularity builds a natural connection and energy. That connection helps people evolve, heal, and grow in countless ways.

I'll reach out to the student on the wait list when I have an availability, and we'll find a regular day and time to meet. That will be our day and time together every two weeks unless there's a need for a schedule change.

No student is required to go longer than she or he chooses, but anyone who is reaching out to me should be serious about making a long-term commitment particularly once I add them to the wait list. That commitment typically is several months if not years of work. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, some students have worked with me for years and not yet felt a need to conclude.

I wish you well on your spiritual path!

In love and kindness,



  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Dissolving the ego is rarely a fast process, and the teacher-student connection is a powerful one. People often stay in it because there are a few relationships that can even compare to it.

    2. how do you discern between a dependent or a necessary relationship? Perhaps that student teacher relationship becomes another ego self structure that one now upholds? Have you had students you felt were being dependent? And perhaps it is more helpful to let them go?

  2. I'm not surprised that you've had students for more than 5 years. People are in therapy for far longer. It's so good to have support in awakened presence as we go through the process of ego dissolution. I have a spiritual teacher here in Australia and I hope to always be connected to them. It feels like a supportive, empowering relationship and there's no sense of dependency. I go for long periods of time without communicating with my teacher. At the end of the day, it is I who has to really process and work with the lessons of life but like I said, it's 'so good' to have awakening presence and support. There is nothing else like it.


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