Supporting My Students

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When my intuition tells me to work with someone, then it's decided for me. If a prospective student feels the same way, our work together begins.

And money has no bearing on the situation.

In the almost 8 and 1/2 years of doing this work, I've gotten all kinds of levels of donations. Most of my students haven't been able to donate the full suggested amount for a session (right now that's 175 USD). Plus, I've even done sessions for free.

I can offer this financial flexibility thanks to the generosity of many of you.

I obviously have to make ends meet, and I have been fully financially supported for the last 4 years. This is because of those of you who donate the full amount for sessions and those who donate just because you want to support this work.

In this way, we've created a micro-scale wealth redistribution system. You donate to me, and I keep helping lots of people in one-on-one sessions as well as through blog posts, videos, social media, and email correspondence.

The People You Support

I work with all kinds of people around the world, and everyone is in different financial situations. Some of the types of people you support when you donate to me include:
  • Single parents
  • People on disability
  • Students
  • Active military or veterans
  • Unemployed
  • People in low-wage jobs and many, many more
So if you feel called to support me, then please consider making a donation today. You never know who you might help me to support.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks to those of you who have donated regularly and/or donated throughout the years to make this work possible. I'm able to do this because of you.

In love and kindness,



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