Space for Initial Sessions with New Students

As many of you know, I have a wait list now. Well from time to time, I have space for an initial session as I do right now.

The initial session or sessions are opportunities for us to get to know each other before committing to regular work. I have initial sessions before adding someone to the wait list to become a regular student.

If you're interested in working one-on-one with me and having an initial session, click below to learn more.

Joining Jim's Student Wait List

Also, I tend to announce space in my schedule through my newsletter first. So if you want to stay up-to-date on when I have time for new students, you can sign up for my newsletter here:

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The Initial Student-Teacher Connection

You can learn a lot by sitting in presence with someone--at least when you're open. Being open is part of the point of the initial session. I get to see how open you really are to the work, and you get to decide if you're up to the challenge of the work.

And make no mistake about it, inner work is challenging. It's why most people don't do it. They'd rather have a feel good experience than to dredge up the stuff sitting on the bottom of their inner swamp. But for those who are truly ready for the work, they can find immense freedom, love, and truth in embracing their darkness as well as their light.

Do we also get to sit in love, peace, and inner freedom together in a session? You bet. There are SOOOOO many amazing lessons in that space. But too often, people's deepest attachments are to their suffering, and so that's where most people need the most help.

If you're up for this spiritual inner work, feel free to contact me to start a conversation if we haven't yet corresponded. You are also welcome to ask me questions about sessions if you can't find the answers in my posts about sessions.

Here is a link with more information about working together:

Getting One-on-one Spiritual Support



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