7 Posts from 2018 Worth Checking Out Again

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I write a bunch of spiritual awakening posts every year, but few ever get noticed once if even that. So I felt like pulling together a short compilation of posts from 2018 that would be worth reading again or for the first time if you missed them or you are new to me.

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The Search for Love

One of the things people most seek is love. It's a powerful drive, and at times, it can be felt almost viscerally as a kind of craving.

Craving is a powerful force for action, but it also creates suffering. In the following 2018 spiritual blog post, I talk about craving love and how we learn to seek true love instead of a passing fancy.

Craving Love

There's Nowhere to Go Spiritually

It's often really annoying to hear that there is nowhere to go on the spiritual path, particularly when someone has a lot of pain of some kind. Yet, it's the truth, and through "going nowhere," we can resolve our ego suffering.

The Path to Nowhere

Coming to Completion

Even though our presence resides in the timeless now, our human selves go through important cycles and changes. Learning to embrace times of completion and moving into new phases within ourselves are important parts of consciously embracing change.

Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

How the Ego Is Always Ready to Jump Ship

The ego never really wants to do inner work. In most people, it's just waiting to get whatever it came for and quit.

In the following blog post, I talk about this trap and what happens when people come to spiritual inner work with such thinking.

Quitting Spiritual Work After Resolving the First Issue

Creating the Right Mindset for Awakening

A spiritual awakening rocks people's worlds. It's not something to come to with silly ideas of everyday bliss or the resolution of all your aches and pains.

The following blog post is one of a couple posts about how to build up a person so that they are ready for the fires of spiritual transformation.

Building a Mind Strong Enough for Awakening

Losing Your Individuality

Western culture places a great deal of emphasis on individuality, so it can be really strange and/or upsetting to watch that individuality get washed away.

Losing a Sense of "I" and Individuality

Rest and the Spiritual Path

Working endlessly on yourself is the path to a serious breakdown. Inner work has its place as does rest.

Spiritual Self-care and Rest After Processing

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  1. I'm more awake than ever before and I have no fear anymore ya feel, I simply beware

  2. I think I woke up the same way I did as a baby... With the sunrise to watch the 🌅


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