Interview at Spiritual Aliveness with Joni Lerner

Jim Tolles, spiritual teacherFrom time to time, I am interviewed by people, and I wanted to share a recent interview that I was a part of.

Joni of Spiritual Aliveness with Joni Lerner reached out to me to interview me on her podcast. In this hour interview, we cover a wide variety of topics. As always, I want to emphasize that all my pointers are about coming back to the space of inner freedom within you. No matter the topic, the dissolving of the attachments of the ego is the underlying theme.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:
  • Unwinding the ego
  • Some of my ego dissolution process after awakening
  • Grieving a lost loved one
  • Problems with controlling the heart and body from the mind
  • Spiritual information overload
  • What is the point of the spiritual path?
  • Engaging through surrender
  • Attachment and resistance
  • Coming back to our true state
  • Our first spiritual teacher
  • Projecting onto others versus meeting people where they are
  • The importance of rest and integration
  • Humility and honesty
  • The gift of pain and suffering
  • The ever-presence of spiritual freedom

Part way into the interview, I made a comment about Tibetan Buddhism pointing people towards happiness, and Christianity pointing towards safety. I wasn't saying that's the only thing they point to, and truly, they can be taught to help people find freedom (Buddhism is founded on the idea that there is freedom from suffering after all). However, I was making a more general point about how a spiritual tradition is often focused towards one of the four main spiritual goals people tend to have, which are happiness, safety, healing, and freedom.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Listen to the interview here

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