It's Never the Right Time for the Ego

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Waiting for the ego to dissolve is like waiting for the ice to melt.
It's never the right time for the ego.

It's never the right time for the ego to do inner work.

It's never the right time for the ego to do something that may be upsetting or emotionally challenging.

It's never the right time to leave familiarity and change.

It's never the right time for the unconscious ego to die.

One of the biggest traps people get stuck in is waiting for things to feel right. But who is deciding your feelings?

Your ego.

Because of this, a lot of things that people truly want to do or know they need to do are not done. They don't "feel right." Now the person is stuck in a waiting game. Most of the time, they never get out of it unless life forces them to take action by applying a greater pain to make the pain of things "not feeling right" seem less bad.

This is not a wise course of action.

So if you ever find yourself waiting for the "right time" or for things to "feel right," this spiritual awakening blog post is encouragement to just go for it anyway.

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